About Me

crossover!I’ve always been an energetic person with a strong penchant for movement, though I actually learned to walk rather late.  I was the young rascal that Mom had to buy a child-leash for because I’d disappear in a flash just so I could explore.  At age fifteen, this flair for movement turned into a love for dance.  That and I was going through puberty and had a huge crush on a classmate that knew how to Salsa.  Well, hormones and crushes stunk, but dance did not.  Thus, dance has been with me ever since that biologically chaotic time.

My main goal as a dancer is to see how far I can go.  The purpose of this blog is to uncover that limit bit by bit.  It does not matter if it is ballet, ballroom, or tap.  I intend to sift through every aspect of my ability until I discover what I can and cannot do.  I’m glad you’ve decided to take your time and explore with me.  Do enjoy yourself.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Alaina….I’ve been thinking. Would you like to do a guest blog post on my blog and/or vice versa? I’d like to build more of a ballroom blog community – it seems like there are so few of us. I’d love to connect with you! Let me know!

    • Sorry for the late reply. I’d love to be a guest writer on your blog and vice versa. It would certainly help improve traffic to both of our blogs and build a community.

      • Alaina – could you write a blog post for me that talks about why you got into ballroom dancing, specifically, and what it has done for you. Why do you love it? How have you grown from doing it? What are your big goals for the coming year? What are your biggest struggles and how do you handle them? I’d love to post it and kind of do a “meet” Alaina, member of “Ballroom Village” and promote ya! What do you think?

  2. Sure, I’d love to write a post about that. How would you like me to get it to you, and do you want it to be a certain length? (I wrote a post for one blogger that didn’t want me to go beyond 500 words, which I didn’t mind.)

  3. Dancing are wings, when the music hits me, my body follows, notes in my ears, I fly, high!

    Is this blog still running? I haven’t got a blog but I’d like to share my experience. I do salsa and it’s an addiction which pushed me to learn about anything and everything about it

    • Yes, this blog is still running. But, it’s run by a college student, so I’m not as consistent as I want to be. I’m glad you do Salsa because it’s what started dance for me, and I still have a soft spot for it.

      If you want to share, feel free to email me with your post. Then, I’ll proofread it before putting it up.

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