Nothing Says Sexy Like…

Insert your witty one-liner here.  I’m currently training for an upcoming, local Team Match.  It was a Christmas present, my best one considering I get to do ten dances.  (My parents are very generous because they cover all the expenses and understandably do not want to spend much outside a weekly lesson and group classes.)  One of those dances is Bolero.  I could’ve started training when I became Bronze III but was against it because, well, let’s just say I was dealing with my petty, inner child.  Then, Tommy decided to add it to my roster once I encountered it in group class.  All the dances I’ve learned are suitably challenging, but Bolero is a different beast.

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Backtrack: I have to do what?!

For whatever reason, I’m in a storytelling mood.  Do any of my fellow dancers remember the first time they danced the rumba?  It’s been called the “dance of love” and “a vertical expression of a horizontal desire”.  Originating in Cuba, the rumba is slow, fluid, and sensual.  The distinctive hip action is called “Cuban motion”.  The interpretation is up to the dancers, but I’ve heard a favorable one is love-hate.  That’s my exact relationship with this dance. Sit tight for story time with yours truly.  (For the record, I dance rumba in American Rhythm.  International is distinctly different and is even slower than American.)

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Things Ballroom Has Taught Me (Part II)

If you’re wondering where part one is, please click here.



She’s alive!  I’m really sorry that I haven’t written a post in a while, but school has begun.  I spent most of my time trying to get back into the rhythm again, especially since I recently moved into the dorms.  But my college life is neither here nor there.  My major, however, is going to start playing a more significant role in this blog of mine.  I am a Journalism and Mass Communications major, and blogging is just one of the many ways to communicate with people.  My main goal here is to learn how to write like a journalist, instead of a noblewoman who just swallowed a thesaurus.  This generally means shorter sentences and simpler words.  Any feedback in this area would be appreciated.

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Say What? Part VIII

Authoress’ Note:  I’m rating some of this content PG-13.  It’s not extremely racy, but there are some questionable implications.



Welcome back to my highly sporadic, but hopefully just as amusing series of funny incidents and remarks.  Much has happened since my last post of the series.  Nick left, and I gained a new teacher.  New teachers have come and gone.  Time rolls ever on.  But, that’s enough poetry for one day.  The fact of the matter is this: I’m still here, and I intend to keep writing about my dancing journey.  Let me be frank.  I’ve been dealing with some emotional crap that I’d rather not deal with.  So, I figured I’d write something more humorous to help lift my spirits.  I hope it lifts your spirits as well. Continue reading

You Know You’re A Dancer If… (Part II)

Being a dancer is full of quirks.  It tends to invade my life.  This can be good when it promotes health and general happiness.  It can be annoying, or even harmful, when it becomes, dare I say, obsessive.  The extent of my social life, dancing.  My primary thoughts, dancing.  What I look forward to most, dancing.  Ahem, but I am not ashamed. Continue reading