A Dance with Words: Song for the Fallen

Dancing is the poetry of the foot.  ~John Dryden

Hello, friends.  This isn’t about dance.  It’s about poetry, but I do believe the two are related.  What is poetry, if not a dance with words?  I composed this yesterday to honor today: the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001.


 Whose souls are these that fill this holy place?

Specters we still see, fam’ly we once knew.

What was spilled, which once upheld enlivened face?


Against our countrymen did we once rue.

Oh, anger!  Could we kill our fellow man?

Recall when crimson ran with gray and blue.


I see them scramble up that horrid land.

A rain of mayhem kept those beaches lit.

As many vali’nt fell on D-Day’s sands.


I saw that day when history was writ.

When heroes rose and freedom thusly bought.

Hearts rent asunder with those towers hit.


Today we mourn.  For what has evil wrought!

Tomorrow we shall face and forward go.

Hearken to me now; lest this be forgot.


photo by Roman Boed (flickr)


The floor is yours now.

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