Instructor For A Night

On February 18th, 2015, I’ll be a dance instructor for a night.  I’ve written about my desire to teach at an Arthur Murray before.  Simply put, I can see myself getting equal enjoyment from training someone else.  I can’t say for certain whether I’ll stick with it.  What I am certain about is that I want to try.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?  Texas Epsilon, the pre-med honor society, and the university’s Students for Life are co-hosting this fundraising event.  They’re calling it “Swing & Salsa Night”.  They had two guys that knew how to dance swing, but didn’t seem to have anyone that knew salsa.  From what I’ve seen, the dancing students know how to swing, country-western, and bachata.  I told a classmate, who’s heading up the event, that I could teach salsa if needed.  She seemed happy at the offer, so I signed myself up ASAP.

The event is only two hours, so we’re only covering the basics of swing and salsa.  The general plan is to teach both parts and supervise.  But, who knows?  If the group is particularly quick, I have two other steps.

The Plan

Basic — I need to emphasize rock-steps.  Changing your weight is of utmost importance.  Put weight on the foot, so you’re not just sticking it out there.  Don’t put full weight on it, or you’ll wind up looking like a rocking horse.

Lady’s Underarm Turn

Right Turn Combo


P.S. I’ll be sure to write about the experience when it’s over. 


The floor is yours now.

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