Nothing Says Sexy Like…

Insert your witty one-liner here.  I’m currently training for an upcoming, local Team Match.  It was a Christmas present, my best one considering I get to do ten dances.  (My parents are very generous because they cover all the expenses and understandably do not want to spend much outside a weekly lesson and group classes.)  One of those dances is Bolero.  I could’ve started training when I became Bronze III but was against it because, well, let’s just say I was dealing with my petty, inner child.  Then, Tommy decided to add it to my roster once I encountered it in group class.  All the dances I’ve learned are suitably challenging, but Bolero is a different beast.

The rise and fall is what troubles me the most.  This element is part of what makes waltz so challenging, in my opinion.  In bolero, it just feels…awkward.  I feel secure about my ability in waltz but not in bolero.  I’m tempted to blame it on the fact that I’m wearing my Rhythm shoes instead of my Smooth shoes, but I’m sure it’s because this dance is still so new.  Not only do I have to maintain my posture, body contact, and try not to trip as I ascend and descend, but there’s the dramatic element, too.

Which brings me to my the topic of this post.  I’d talked to other students that danced Bolero, and they’d tell me how sensual it was.  And, this is what Tommy said as he taught a group class:

Now, forgive my crassness, but if they call Rumba the dance of love, then Bolero is the dance of making love.

Think about that for a second.  Bolero is like a hybrid between Smooth and Rhythm.  The couple is in full body contact with the rise and fall of waltz.  Added to this is the romantic character of most Latin dances.  It’s hard to describe without becoming crass myself.  So, I’d advise you watch professionals dance it on YouTube, but I’ll end with this: the man and woman are stomach-to-stomach, rising and falling together, and for the women, doing head lobs to slow, romantic music.

The dancing layman might think this a little too stimulating to be danced properly.  Nothing is further from the truth.  While dancing, I’m too busy thinking about my posture, hand-to-hand connection, maintaining my balancing, properly extending and displaying my arms, etc.  Who has time to think about the romantic atmosphere when I’m trying not fall on my butt?  I’ll close with this anecdote.  If you’re sensitive about bodily functions I suggest you stop reading.

My routine has a double turn.  It’s one of the easiest parts, and I adore it.  It adds a nice “wow” factor to my bolero.  That significantly diminishes when one has the sniffles, and  a portion of the contents of one’s nose come flying out mid-spin.  Happily, It didn’t hit anyone.  However, I had to stop instantly for a trip to the restroom.  This should’ve been embarrassing, but I couldn’t help the smile that had made its way to my face.  Here I was, trying to tastefully and artistically portray an act of passion that mostly happens behind closed doors and my nose decides to leak.  Sexy, isn’t it?  Well, to finish the title of my post, nothing says sexy like snot.


The floor is yours now.

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