My Dance Bucket List


  She’s alive!  Actually, she’s back in college now, so it’s time to buckle down and focus.  I can’t believe I’ve never written this down, but here it is: it’s my dance bucket list.

1)  Compete out-of-state in a ballroom competition and place anywhere but dead last

2)  Find a dance partner I can chill with when we’re sick of dancing for the moment

3)  Dance at a Viennese ball in Vienna

4)  Attend a ballet class consistently, which means at least once a week

5)  Be able to pull off two pirouettes

6)  Learn how to Irish Step Dance (It is not called Riverdance.  Riverdance was a show that made ISD more popular.)

7)  Or as an alternative, learn Tap

8)  Dance Tango Argentino socially

9)  Share a dance with a handsome man in a tail suit

10)  Host a session of the Virginia Reel

11)  Dance the Horah with a huge group of people, so we can make several circles (I hear it can get quite fast, too.)

12)  See a flamenco show

13)  Teach a willing person the basic step of any dance

14)  Teach a ballroom group class, doesn’t matter if I get paid

15)  See an Irish Step Dance show

16)  Master the pot-stirrer (It’s a dance move.)

17)  See a professional company dance the Hopak

18)  Attend a Blackpool lecture

19)  Become a real salsera (in my own eyes)

20)  Introduce my future kid(s) to dance                 


The floor is yours now.

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