“Er, I’m Sorry.”

That was all I could think of in response to what just happened.  I had come far in terms of getting comfortable with the quirks of dancing, but this little event left me quite flustered.

I think we were working on waltz.  We were working on some sort of circular pivot move.  (Please forgive my lack of knowledge.  I always tell people that I the know steps, not names, but it’s gotten better.)  Imagine a spinning top.  That’s what it looks like, except this top has four arms and legs.  This is something I’ve never considered, but trying to dance as one unit without banging knees, bumping against each other’s chests, or falling straight on your butt is amazing.  I’ll do my best to describe the step.

First, we’re in closed position and need to be this way because this step has a lot of momentum.  Like any lead, it can happen at any time, so I have to be ready.  I feel Tommy begin to shape his body inward, as if he were drawing a circle with it as we shift our weight from our standing leg to the other and pivot on it.  This continues the “drawing” of the circle.  The momentum is pushing be backwards, so I have to maintain a strong connection.  This means staying connected with our upper bodies, but I believe the more important connection is in the legs.  As the follow, I have to keep my initial standing leg wrapped around Tommy’s.  Our legs are like the bottom of the top.  If I lose my grip, the momentum could make me fall.  Oh, and we have to add rise and fall as we’re “drawing”.

Did that make any sense?  Anyway, this step is very difficult.  It took several attempts before I got a slight gist.  I was preparing to “draw the circle” when something felt…off.  As I was noting this, the sound of Tommy’s voice immediately snapped me from my split-second thought: Be careful there, sweetheart.”  He seemed more serious than his normal admonitions and, to my horror, his voice had raised in pitch.  I immediately had a hunch but didn’t dare voice it until he confirmed it.  “You need to be careful.  You almost hit me in the…cash and prizes.”  I was mortified, and my face showed it.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned slightly pink.  It didn’t help that he began teasing me about it afterwards.

Assuming the lead and follow are close in height, the latter’s legs are close to the  man’s crotch.  However, Smooth often involves extending and stretching your legs backwards, so there’s rarely any danger.  I think I might have come a little too close for comfort as we were beginning our rise and fall.  Um, oops…?  I have to say, the most awkward part is the fact that I just didn’t know what to say.  What was I going to say?  “Oh, sorry for almost kneeing you in the crotch.  I’ll try not to do that next time.”  At least I haven’t had many embarrassing moments besides this one.

The floor is yours now.

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