Never Considered This Before

Authoress’ Note: I haven’t updated recently.  Finals are in a couple of weeks, and it’s been keeping me busy.  The writer’s block hasn’t been helping either.


I’m dissatisfied with my dancing.  It’s only in one sense.  As a student, I am very pleased with my progress.  Maybe you’ll see a post about my participation in a major, out-of-state competition.  Who knows?  Unfortunately, the social aspect of it hasn’t been going as well.

I admit that I am greedy when it comes to dancing.  I like it when my studio socials are smaller.  There’s an aspect of familiarity when its only us regulars.  (We mostly have wedding couples, or those that are just trying to get their feet wet.)  It also means that I can have more dances with my teacher.  Then, there’s the opposite situation.  At bigger socials, I don’t get to dance as much with him because the students newer to dancing understandably get priority over people who have a bit more experience.  I know this because that’s the way it was when I was first honing my skills.  Ugh, you know you’re getting too selfish when you start counting how many dances you get with him versus how much he dances with other people.

Now that I’ve gotten the ugly out, what am I going to do?  Obviously, I don’t like these feelings.  I brought this up with someone close, and she suggested something I’ve never really thought about before.  Why not just dance socially more?  It’s okay to stick to your studio for training, but there’s nothing wrong with going out to dance clubs because you want dance with more male leads.  I don’t really have time at the moment because finals are in about two weeks.  However, when summer comes, what’s gonna stop me?  Man, I can’t wait for summer!

2 thoughts on “Never Considered This Before

  1. Alaina – You are not alone in your concerns re dancing with teachers at parties. My experience is similar to yours: instructors want to retain new students, so they dance more with them to make sure they have a good time. Or, some will be doing a private lessons in another room during party time, leaving fewer staff to dance with moi. I absolutely hate waiting around for some husband or boyfriend to take pity on me and ask me to dance. It makes me feel powerless. When a dance drought hits, as they often do, I also feel unwanted and rejected. Stupid, I know, but there it is. That’s one of the big reasons I want to learn to lead a bit. I could dance with my female friends instead of sitting on the sidelines, feeling glum.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I wouldn’t mind learning how to lead for the reason you cited but also to really understand what the man is feeling when he dances with me.

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