That Restful Balance

Pea (3)

This is the family Shih-Tzu, Sweet Pea. I found her sound asleep in this peculiar position and had to take a picture.

Before I begin, I wanted to give my readers slightly more information on Tommy.   It has been brought to my attention that the terse sentences in my last post might have caused concern.  I wasn’t feeling well emotionally, and the most common way I cope is to not hold back, like yanking off a Band-Aid.  Know that everything, as far as I know, is well.  Tommy had to leave because he had family to take care of.  Other teachers I’ve known, including my first, left for such reasons.  As for me, everything still smarts, but I’ll survive.

Hence, I come to the subject of this post.  I joke that I am a dance addict, but that’s precisely what it is, a joke.  A true addiction causes a person to become physically or psychologically dependent on his or her chosen substance.  Often, the dependence straddles both.  I bring this up because I understand that my passion for dance is a healthy one.  Here’s the point: It’s time for a break from the ballroom for a bit.  This won’t be a complete vacation.  I’ll still go to my weekly lessons on Wednesdays and socials on Thursdays.  However, I’m going to be reducing my group classes.  I will also not compete in the local Team Match on March 29th, though I will attend to cheer for the others.

I react to burn-out by backing away.  That’s how it’s always been.  It gives me time to rest and recover.  Pretty soon, I find myself missing what I love, and it eventually brings me back to the floor.


The floor is yours now.

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