A Short Letter to Adrian

Dear Adrian,

Do you remember me?  Even if you don’t, I certainly remember you.  You have such a beautiful form that I could watch you dance or demonstrate a step for hours.  (I don’t give compliments aloud often because of shyness, let alone engage in idle flattery.)  I wish I was still your student.

This letter is more for my peace of mind than yours.  It was inspired by an email I received a couple of weeks ago.  It said that you were back, teaching adult ballet classes at 9:15 am on Wednesdays.  In my excitement, I began mentally preparing myself for class again.  It would be hard but worth it.  Unfortunately, my mental reverie was broken by the fact that I’m in college.  Yes, I have a commitment every Wednesday at 11:00 am that is essential for graduating.

I haven’t quit mentally.  I miss the satisfying feeling of accomplishment after each class.  I miss slowly shaping my body into statuesque positions.  I miss practicing exercises across the floor.  I miss your wonderful teaching.  I miss your warm kindness.  I miss ballet.  I would’ve laughed in their face if anyone told me I’d come to love this form of dance.  Now I realize that ballet has a rigorous beauty all its own.

I still think about the classes I took and the things you taught me.  Someday, I’ll get back into my ballet shoes.  I hope I can learn under you again, but I’ll take what I can get.  Just remember that it was you who showed me the poetry of this dance first.

With love,



P.S.: I would like to apologize to my readers for the long delay.  I normally post once a week, but I was not feeling well last week.  It got to the point where Mom was considering taking me to the hospital.  Don’t worry.  I’m all better, and school has begun.  This blog is actually an active part of my studies in Journalism.  Yep, that means it’s part of my grade.  It’ll definitely give me extra motivation to be more consistent.


The floor is yours now.

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