Keep Moving

Well, it’s back to my regularly scheduled dance lessons, which are on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m.  I go back to college on January 21st, but my spring semester schedule will still allow me to keep my private lesson block.  That’s a relief.  Anyway, today’s lesson really helped me see that I’m slowly but surely coming into my own as a dancer.

First, was a new realization.  I already said in my last post that Tommy is going to grill me on the names of the school figures, how to get into them, how to understand the physical signals for them, etc.  He told me that a main problem for most dancers is that they just going through the motions.  They learn the steps, but they don’t really understand them.  I’m not a fan of relating dance with school because I like to keep them separate, but I see similarities.  When I study for school, I take notes, read things repeatedly, and memorize important pieces of information.  Dance is no different.  It will improve my dancing to know the names of the school figures because I’ll learn to associate the words with the visuals.  To be frank, I haven’t really been studying well up to this point.  Now’s the time to change that.

Second, was a new stage in my dancing.  It’s called brushing.  There is brushing of feet in Smooth and some Rhythm dances, but this is a whole new level.  Until now, I’ve been closing my feet in while dancing Smooth.  But, I’m going to be taking most of that out now, unless needed.  Brushing is just as it sounds, the brief sliding and passing of your feet together.  Instead of a more stopped motion, brushing is more fluid.  This will help maintain continuous motion.  I’ll bet this is a factor in how the pros really fly around that floor.  We explored this concept in Waltz and Foxtrot.  I’ve been doing nothing but Rhythm lately, so I was really cutting my teeth in this lesson.  But, I’m satisfied because I know I’m making good progress.


The floor is yours now.

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