Raise Your Glass…

…Here’s to a new year of dancing!  I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday and New Year’s, my dear readers.  This entry is simply meant bring everyone up to speed.  It’s only been a couple of weeks, but there are some dance-related events worth mentioning.

First, I went to a single’s party affiliated with my Baptist Church to ring in the New Year.  It went from 9 pm to 1 am and involved karaoke  (a personal favorite), video games, a late night breakfast, and dancing.  It wasn’t at the church itself because dancing is not allowed on the premises according to its charter.  Unfortunately, the party ended on a sour note because they played some actual dancing songs, but I went stag.  To put it into an equation, dateless + dance music = no dancing.  Looking back, I should have had the courage to ask, especially one particular couple that excelled in WCS and Cha-cha.  But, I abstained because I was afraid of stepping into uncharted “girl territory”.  If those people were true dancers, they would not have minded me borrowing their partner for a song.  It was a relief when I realized my return to the studio wasn’t too far away.

Next, I had two lessons over the holiday.  They didn’t cost anything extra, and Tommy chose to teach.  He told me that’s how he’s always done things.  I recall working on Rumba and Cha-cha during both.  The second lesson was today and boy, am I feeling the loss from two weeks of no dancing.  Any consistent dancer will tell you that taking any extended period of time off, even if it’s just a week or two, throws off your rhythm.  That being said, my dancing wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.  I managed to remember bits and pieces of the three school figures for each.  The game plan is to consistently study the school figures for my six major dances until next December when I should test out again.  In addition, I’ll be adding two minor dances (e.g. Samba) to my roster.  Bring it!

Finally, this isn’t really dance related, but it does affect it.  I’m going on a three-month diet that will end with permanent changes in my eating habits.  It’s to rid my body of excess yeast and gluten, a cleanse.  I struggle with anxiety and depression, and yeast and gluten make it worse.  Yeah, so that means I can’t have things like potatoes, dessert, cheese, milk, chips, and other similar things for three months.  There are also certain fruits and vegetables to avoid.  I’ve already had a full medical consultation, complete with blood work.  I was happy to find that all patients, no matter what their condition, had some form of positive change through this diet.  I also have to take natural hormone supplements to help balance me out again.  It’s a pain, but the possibility of less anxiety is worth it.  Less anxiety will make my life much better, and that includes the dancing.  And, it can lay the foundation for better eating practices once the cleanse is over.

Well, that’s the about it.  I wish everyone the best.



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