A Student’s Wish

photo by jbhthescots (flickr)

photo by jbhthescots (flickr)

At first I wanted to use the word goal instead of wish, but I decided not to.  A goal is something you strive for actively.  This particular thing is not something I want to put enormous effort into.  I’ll explain it later.  This was inspired by an encounter I had with one of Tommy’s former students.  I met her when I went to the dance auditions for the Christmas show my church is going to perform.  She’s a professional dancer now, but she took lessons with Tommy when she was thirteen.  I asked Tommy if he remembered her, but he couldn’t recall.  In his defense, he’s had many students.  One wouldn’t expect him to remember all his students.

This wish of mine applies not only to dance but to school also.  I wish to be a memorable student.  This isn’t a goal because I’m afraid of becoming superficial.  The media has too many examples of people who desperately wanted to be memorable.  These people wanted to make history so badly that they did some pretty crazy stuff.  That’s why it’s a wish, not a goal.  I can’t explain why I want to be memorable, so I’m chalking up to desire.  I want my teachers to remember me as hard-working and cooperative.  I want them to look back with fondness when they recall teaching me.  I know Victor remembers me because we see each other occasionally.  I’m not sure about Nick, but we bonded pretty well when we were together.  As for Tommy, I’ll just have to keep dancing and practicing.  Whether I am remembered or not is out of my control.


The floor is yours now.

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