Happy News!

I am going to be dancing in two shows this December.  And here’s the weird part (for me, at least): people are going to pay money to see my cast-mates and myself perform.  I’ve only just thought of this question; “Who on earth would pay to see other people dance?”  Well, quite a lot of people.  There’s the ballet, Broadway, drill team routines at a football game, etc.  If you love something, money becomes less of a factor.  I guess the fact that I’ll be performing for people who are willing to pay to see us is kind of surreal to me.  This feeling especially applies to the second show.  More on this later.  The first show is Arthur Murray’s annual show.  The theme is “Made in America”.  Any song that has a state name, or something like that is fair game.  I’ll be dancing in a girl’s routine in the show that cost a tenth of a solo number at $250.  The song is Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation”, and the routine will be a combination of Cha-cha and Hip-hop.  Rehearsals are on Saturday at 2:15 pm.  This is going to be my first time dancing in an Arthur Murray show, so this is going to be awesome!

As thrilling as this is, I’m more excited for the second show.  It’s my church’s annual Christmas show.  It’s always been a huge deal because they pull out all the stops.  I’ve never been to their show, but I believe they have live animals, a full orchestra, and many actors and dancers.  Adding to the buzz, the genre of dance is less familiar to me because it won’t be ballroom.  There will be tap and modern dance.  I have slight experience in both areas.  Auditions were last Sunday, and I found out I got in the show as a dancer yesterday.  I was giddy with excitement!  Rehearsals start the 29th of this month and end on December 2nd.  I’ll be at church every Sunday between these two dates from 3-5 pm.  Why this many meetings?  Well, there are going to be a total of six performances come December.  The show dates are December 12th through the 15th with two performances on the 14th and 15th.

This sounds like hard work, and it is.  However, my love of performing and dance override the cost to my time.  My passion for these two things makes me eager to share it with others.  It’s spreading happiness.  Dance makes me so joyous that I simply have to share it with others.  That’s part of its worth.


The floor is yours now.

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