Things Ballroom Has Taught Me (Part II)

If you’re wondering where part one is, please click here.



She’s alive!  I’m really sorry that I haven’t written a post in a while, but school has begun.  I spent most of my time trying to get back into the rhythm again, especially since I recently moved into the dorms.  But my college life is neither here nor there.  My major, however, is going to start playing a more significant role in this blog of mine.  I am a Journalism and Mass Communications major, and blogging is just one of the many ways to communicate with people.  My main goal here is to learn how to write like a journalist, instead of a noblewoman who just swallowed a thesaurus.  This generally means shorter sentences and simpler words.  Any feedback in this area would be appreciated.

Dancing aside, ballroom has taught me many things.  Most of them are rather humorous.  Others are great, general life lessons.  Here are ten more lessons ballroom has taught me:

1) Heels are the standard shoe in ballroom.  Even men’s shoes have a slight heel.

2) Regardless of what “manly men” may say, I find men that move their hips while dancing to be very attractive.

3) Pretending to hate-yet-love someone while dancing Tango is really, really fun.

4) I’ve found I’m fascinated by the imprints my Latin shoes leave on the top of my feet.

5) The pain that my Smooth shoes gives me after I dance is absolutely worth it.

6) Dance endorphins are a legitimate reason to dance until you can’t anymore.

7) It is very possible to goof off and giggle for most of your lesson with your professional but still finish everything you need to finish.

8) This one is personal: “You can dance your way into the heart of a girl even if your face is as ugly as sin.”  I’d rather have an average-looking dancer than a drop-dead gorgeous football player.

9) There is a proper way to dance sensually without looking like Miley Cyrus.  (Miley Cyrus reminded me more of Gene Simmons than herself in that performance…)

10) I recently heard a classmate remark, “Is that what passes for dancing these days?”  Ballroom is definitely something that passes for dance!


The floor is yours now.

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