The Game Plan So Far… (with added notes from group class)

Man, I haven’t sweat that much during a lesson in a long time!  This may sound gross, but there’s something so wonderfully satisfying about a good sweat.  Your body rids itself of toxins through sweat, and those endorphins are great, too.  All Tommy and I did during this lesson was dance through my four dances for Team Match.  They are Waltz, Tango, Rumba, and Lindy Hop.  We walked it through once or twice, then danced it through at full tilt multiple times.  A quick note on Lindy, I think I’m hooked.  Coming up on the 1st of September, my local Swing Dance Society, which primarily consists of Lindy Hoppers, is having some beginner classes every Sunday.  I’ll be checking those out, and I might blog about it if anything notable happens.  How does “The Lindy Log” sound to you?  Back to the topic at hand, please be looking for a post full of pictures from my latest competition.  I’ll try to post it this Sunday.

As far as private lessons go, you’re up to speed.  The main purpose of this blog entry is to fill y’all in on the new game plan.  I finally gathered my courage and asked Tommy, “Um, is there any extra effort I need to put into my dancing to get to Bronze III as soon as I can?”  At the very latest, I’ll be testing out near December before the Medal Ball, which is an event celebrating the students that have graduated from their current program.  He later amended his initial response and said that I could test out as soon as I was ready after Team Match is over.  This process will take some planning on my part as I tested out of all ten dances available to me when I progressed from Bronze I to Bronze II.  I do not really want to do that this time around.  Tommy suggested that I test out of the six major dances:

American Smooth — Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot

American Rhythm — Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing (East Coast)

I agreed with him, so as soon as this competition is over, I will have to start re-memorizing my school figures and practicing the associated technique.  However, I also want to continue to advance in some of the minor dances, like Samba.  I just will not be testing out of those right away.  That, my friends, is the game plan.


Notes from Wednesday’s Paso Class


*Numbers listed signify counts.  There are sixteen counts in this pattern*

1: Apel (stomping motion) with left foot to promenade

2-6: Beginning with right foot, advance forward

7: Man pivots woman and she turns 180°, make sure the right leg is extended

8 and 9: Walking beginning with foot that is currently out

10: Man pivots woman in another 180° turn, the left leg is now extended

11-14: More walking with extended foot

15: Final 180° pivot turn initiated by man, the right leg is extended

16: Close, make sure the weight is on the right foot, freeing the left foot for whatever lead may occur next.


The floor is yours now.

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