Something New (Among Other Things)

I have a question for y’all.  I’m thinking about revamping my writing a bit by focusing more on my personal dance journey.  The primary reason I write humorous or hopefully helpful posts is because I don’t dance as many private lessons as I could.  They are expensive, and I’m a broke college student right now.  Heck, I’m extremely grateful that my parents are willing to pay for one per week considering they are also paying for my tuition.  All this being said, I’ve noticed that my posts about my private lessons tend to get the most hits.  What do y’all think about me writing about my group classes?  Please try to understand that most of my group classes are just repetitions of familiar concepts I have to keep repeating to better myself, and it’s my belief that writing about the same things endlessly may bore y’all.  But, some pretty crazy and interesting things happen in those classes, too.  If this sounds even remotely appealing, please let me know.

As far as my lessons go, things haven’t been too remarkable.  The main focus is going to be preparing for Team Match on August 24th.  I’ll be doing four dances: Waltz, Tango, Rumba, and Lindy Hop.  I have no idea why the organizers decided to put that last dance in there.  It’s a bonus dance worth more points than the other three dances I’ll be doing.  Salsa was also an option for a bonus dance, but I decided to try something new for this upcoming competition.  This lesson Tommy and I worked on our short routines for Tango, Waltz, and Lindy.  I might as well write down the figures for the first two for when I practice on my own.


  • rock-and-box
  • basic
  • left-turning rock
  • back tango close
  • promenade flare
  • shadow rocks
  • la puerta (the door)


  • two-way turn (half)
  • change turns
  • balance steps
  • crossovers
  • promenade developé
  • side-by-side changes

These may look like a lot of steps for only ninety seconds of dancing, but they go a lot quicker than you might think, especially if Tommy decides to link some of the steps together.  My favorite steps from Tango are undoubtedly the shadow rocks and promenade flare because I get to do cool things with my long dress.  They’re more dramatic, and get to act like I’m angry, which is quite fun.  My favorite step from the Waltz is promenade developé because it makes me feel quite beautiful, but it’s not an easy one to pull off.  There are two variations that I know of.  The first one is easier.  It involves the lead sort of pushing the follower forward by stepping back a bit.  His hand is on her back for support while she extends her leg.  Her job is to extend her top half as far as she can.  I guess it acts as a counter balance.  I’ll be doing the second, more difficult variation for Team Match.  Tommy will still sort of push me forward to let me know that I need to do this step, but instead of supporting my back, he’ll be making his own gorgeous lines.  It’s a bit hard to describe the position I’ll be in, but I’ll try: My leg is extended; Tommy is holding one hand for balance, but my other arm is extended in what is hopefully a very pretty line; and finally, my head is facing the right as a counter-balance.  It looks very balletic.  That’s about it for those two dances.  I’ll be sure to write down the steps for Rumba when I receive them.


The floor is yours now.

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