To My Readers

The title says it all.  I’m dedicating my 200th post to all my readers.  I am not the best with words when it comes to expressing my gratitude, but I’ll try my best.  Writing is meant to be read.  Whether it is for your eyes only (I apologize for the unintentional James Bond reference.) or for numerous others, I write so I can read.  I originally started this blog as a sort of public journal to get my writing fix.  I didn’t really believe people would read it.  All I needed was an outlet where I could express myself.  Imagine my surprise when I got my first likes and followers.  I was thinking, “Wait, people actually care about my writing to actually read it?”  So, I decided “Why not keep cater my writing more towards other eyes besides my own?”  That’s why I began my “Say What?” series and occasional posts with tips for those considering dance.  Then, I began my weekly updates concerning my private lessons.  I would say that out of all my posts, I enjoy writing these the most.

To my readers, you have my sincerest thanks.  It honors me to know that people enjoy my writing.


The floor is yours now.

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