Alaina’s (Final) Weekly Playlist: Waltz

WaltzWeddingIf you’d like some more precise information on the waltz, please look here.  I’ll only give a brief summary of the dance itself in this post because this is mainly going to be about the music.


This will be my final playlist until further notice because I am not familiar enough with the music of the other dances I know.  I want to be reasonably confident about the soundness of the suggestions I give to potential readers.  The waltz is my favorite dance because I am an incurable romantic (despite multiple attempts to cure myself…).  Moving on, I believe the waltz is the only dance I know that is performed exclusively in three-quarter time.  This means that there are three beats per measure of music.  The beat falls on the quarter note, which is what the number four signifies in the time signature.  You are probably going to run into three kinds of waltz if or when you dance.  There is the Country-Western Waltz.  This dance is primarily social, so the frame is really casual.  If you are the kind of person that likes to go to country clubs, you will definitely run into this waltz.  Then, there is the Viennese Waltz, dance of the social elite.  Think about handsome soldiers dancing with noble ladies garbed in delicately colored ball dresses.  The tempo of this dance is noticeably faster than Country-Western, and there is no rise and fall.  The final kind of waltz is harder for me to define.  I’ve heard it called American Waltz, English Waltz, and Slow Waltz.  Eddie, one of the teachers at the studio, told me that he believed the English took the Viennese Waltz and slowed it down.  Hence, the second name.  I will be providing music for this final kind of waltz.

That’s about it for this playlist.  If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to comment.  I wish you wonderful waltzes with your loved one. 🙂


The floor is yours now.

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