You Know You’re A Dancer If… (Part II)

Being a dancer is full of quirks.  It tends to invade my life.  This can be good when it promotes health and general happiness.  It can be annoying, or even harmful, when it becomes, dare I say, obsessive.  The extent of my social life, dancing.  My primary thoughts, dancing.  What I look forward to most, dancing.  Ahem, but I am not ashamed.  I love talking about dancing, and I’m here to talk about it some more.  Dancing reminds me of the Frito Lays logo: “You can’t have just one.”  So, why not enjoy a whole jumbo-sized bag of dancing with me?  You know you’re a dancer if…

  • You find yourself bopping your head along with the beat of a song, and you don’t really even notice.
  • People notice you bopping your head and either give you a weird look or smirk…
  • …but that doesn’t stop you from bopping even more vigorously.
  • The music of the current millennium, my generation’s music, doesn’t bother you too much because many songs have a good beat you can jam to.  As for the crappy lyrics, you just tune them out.
  • This one is more personal: you’re willing to hang out with the “rabble” and dance to said music at a college function despite the fact that your intellectual peers find it debasing and undignified and refuse to come with you.  Heck, it’s better than sitting at home or in the dorm room for three to four hours.
  • You’re willing to improve on the steps/dances you dislike so you can sharpen your versatility.
  • The elder generations smile at you or look at you with some degree of surprise because you know some of their music.  (Let’s face it: great dances like the Foxtrot go great with the Rat Pack, Bobby Darin, etc.)
  • Music is intimately connect with your dancing.  If you can’t really dance to it, chances are you might not like it.
  • Your body constantly “talks” to you via cracking or popping joints.
  • Your family and other close relations are tired of hearing you talk about dance, so they react in the following ways: 1) They smile and nod   2) They try to change the subject  3) Their eyes glaze over  4) They politely (or impolitely) tell you to talk about something else.
  • You want your wedding or some other momentous life event to be centered around dancing. *raises hand and grins*
  • You’ve developed the tendency to look at people’s feet or legs.
  • You enjoy finding the one (or two, in case of the Mambo) in whatever music you listen to, while other people you know may find it a pain in the butt.
  • The rhinestones on your dress make it noticeably heavier, but you could care less because you look darn good and know it.
  • Your troubles melt away as soon as you begin to dance.

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