Smoothing Things Out

Authoress’ Note: This is my 195th post.  Hooray!  Only five more until I reach two hundred.  Got any suggestions?  Please feel free to comment.


Please pardon the pun in the title as I am trying to make a conscientious effort to be more creative in this area.  As said title implies, yesterday was entirely dedicated to Smooth.  Have I ever explained what Smooth is?  Smooth is a competitive category, more specifically known as American Smooth.  It consists of these dances: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, and Viennese Waltz.  So, a couple competing in American Smooth will compete in these dances.  There is also Standard, but I’m not completely sure of the differences between that and American Smooth.  The Smooth dances I’m currently training in are Foxtrot, Tango, and Waltz.  I must say, I feel fantastic about yesterday’s lesson.  Not only had it been a while since I’d had an entire lesson dedicated to Smooth, but I feel like the frustration I’ve been feeling from dance lately has been ebbing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to Waltz, but working on Foxtrot and Tango was enough for me.  For Foxtrot, Tommy and I danced a bit and went over the grapevines with outside and inside turns.  Personally, I find inside turns to be more difficult than outside turns.  I don’t know why.  And the shaping and technique for this particular combination is quite odd.  I have to turn my head left as I go into it beyond the normal tilt of the head to apparently increase momentum.  However, the natural tendency is to slouch my left side as well since my head is leaning more towards that direction as well.  But, this is dance and slouching is a no-no.  So, to conclude the grapevine with inside turn involves a significant left tilt of the head with a picked-up left side.  Oh, and I have to try not to lose my balance as well.  Man, I’m telling you.  Dancing has a way of making me feel both very graceful and clumsy simultaneously.  Moving on to the Tango, I learned a new step: the triple fans.  There are two kinds of triple fans.  There’s a triple fan that consists of three slow counts and another that has quick counts, but I am unsure of the exact combination.  Tommy taught me the former.  Aside from the triple fans, I think we just danced around so I could get the feeling back.  Yeah, it was a pretty good lesson.  Next lesson, we should be working on Waltz, which I’m quite excited for.


The floor is yours now.

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