A Girl’s Lesson

It has just occurred to me that I used to write about my private lessons but that seems to have stopped.  This will not do.  Seeing as this blog is mostly about my personal journey through dance, I need to start blogging about my lessons again.  Plus, it will be helpful for my retention, like taking notes.

Well, my lesson was on Wednesday at 3:00 pm, the usual time.  Unfortunately, Tommy has been feeling under the weather, so he was not able to teach me yesterday.  Instead, I had Olga.  We worked on Cha-cha, specifically on the technical aspects of the rock-step and some arm-styling.  I must say that while nothing beats dancing with a man, I really appreciate having a woman teach me as well.  It helps me embrace my femininity, which I am just now learning how to do.  That does not just apply to dancing either.  I have also had a rather strong masculine side, and I used to hate the fact that I was a girl when I was really little.  So, ballroom has been a huge help when it comes to being a woman.  I mean, how could I not be a woman when I am surrounded by beautiful dancing and dresses?  I never plan to be a fem fatale, but I do want to show the men what I have.  I am definitely looking forward to my next girl’s lesson, whenever that may be.

The floor is yours now.

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