Academia and Dance

Who knew that my schooling would affect my dancing other than keep me from it?  Here’s the deal: I’ve changed my major.  Yeah, it still stings, but I am no longer a science major.  There were two main reasons I had to change.  One, I was behind.  Two, I suck at math.  It turns out I can’t escape the evil clutches of higher level math courses even as a biologist-in-training.  I’d have to go to graduate school, which I didn’t mind.  What I did mind was the fact that I’d have to take more math classes, like Calculus I and Calculus II.  The highest level math class I ever took was Precalculus, and it ate my lunch.  I went to tutoring everyday, and I still only scraped by with a C.  This wouldn’t do.  It was painful, but I had to make the decision to switch in order to preserve my mental and emotional health.  Thus, I am now a Journalism and Mass Communications major.

I know next to nothing about my new major, which is what makes it interesting to me.  Even the writing will be new to me.  This isn’t writing for an English class, Philosophy class, or Science class.  This is Journalism.  But, as my new advisor told me, journalism is going to be so much more than writing.  I will also be learning how to work a video camera, audio systems, social media, etc.  So, what does all this have to do with dance?  I went in for an advising appointment on Tuesday, and he found out about this little blog of mine.  He was pleased.  He even told me he would like to check out my blog and display it for more people so I can get critiques.  Not only that, but journalism will also involve a ton of hands-on projects.  For example, I could bring a video camera to my studio and tape what’s going on.  Then, I’d bring it back for evaluation.  This sounds so cool!  Another thing he wants to see more of is photo galleries.  My regular readers know that I already have a couple of photo galleries on this blog.  All in all, it sounds like this major will improve this blog.  So, it seems there are quite a few things to look forward to.


3 thoughts on “Academia and Dance

    • Thank you very much. I saw your post, and I liked it very much. Although, I don’t know of eleven bloggers, so I may only put a few.

      • Well, just do whatever version of the Liebster you like! Participating is better than sitting out and spreading the love to 4 bloggers is better than 0 bloggers 🙂

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