Alaina’s Weekly Playlist: Foxtrot

FoxTrot5:09 am this morning…

*sing-song voice*  Oh, who’s been up since two!  Oh, who’s been up since two!  This dancing gal’s awake, and she doesn’t know what to do! *end song*  I am a former insomniac that used to go through fairly regular cycles of this annoying occurrence.  I’ve effectively gotten rid of it with some melatonin and bedside aromatherapy.  Of course, that does not mean I get my preferred eight to ten winks of sleep every night.  *Sigh* So, what I am to do?  I might as well start this blog post…

Later, today…

Mondays are definitely not my favorite day of the week (cf. above).  Music makes Mondays better, though.  That’s why I decided to start a short series of posts showcasing some of my favorite songs for specific dances.  The reason this series is going to be short is because I only know so many dances, ten to be specific.  For some of those dances, like Tango and Hustle, I only know a select number of songs.  Also note that I dance American style exclusively, so the timing will be different.  Here’s the deal: these posts will occur every Monday until they run out, they will include what knowledge I happen to possess on the dance with cited research (Wikipedia) as needed, and of course, will include links to the songs.  Let’s start with the Foxtrot.

The Foxtrot was the very first dance I learned.  It was quite appropriate as a first dance because its smooth (no pun intended) and easy.  Well, basic steps are supposed to be easy, but some are easier than others.  It’s my personal opinion that the Foxtrot basic is the easiest.  It consists of two forward or backwards steps and a single side-step.  I’ve also heard the Foxtrot called the “let’s-get-acquainted-dance”.  I’m not completely sure why it’s called this.  If memory serves me correctly, the Foxtrot originated with Harry Fox as a vaudeville dance.  It was apparently controversial, though I can’t imagine why.  Ahem, anyway, Foxtrot music was probably one of the main reasons I got into older music, specifically the music of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.  Here’s the playlist:

The best quality of Foxtrot is its sassy character.  It’s playful, too.  Latin can also be sassy and playful, but in a much different way.  Latin is cheeky, a bit “come hither”, but Smooth dances like the Foxtrot are more, “Why hello, there!  Care to dance with me, honey?”  In Foxtrot, I’m grinning from ear to ear, swishing my skirt, and feeling quite pleased with myself.  If I were dancing I Rumba, I’d probably be waggling my eyebrows (if I could…), shaping my body like a statue, and smirking.  Well, that’s Foxtrot.  See, you next Monday.



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