A First: Scoring on a “Sibling”

Yesterday, before the social, was a momentous (read: hyperbole) occasion.  I got my first double take from a man because I was cleaned up a little.  Granted, the man was one of my teachers, and he has a girlfriend, but I found it immensely satisfying, though not for the reasons you might think.  See, this teacher seems to have taken on Nick’s former role of annoying big “brother”.  For example, Nick always loved to poke me in the armpit whenever my arms happened to be up just to elicit a reaction.  This teacher has gotten me twice under the arms so far, unfortunately.  He’s also quite physically affectionate and expects me to be the same, which I am most certainly not.  Like most “siblings”, he means well, but it can be a bit irritating.  Yeah, I could easily see him as my actual older brother.

So, I got two practices skirts yesterday, one for Smooth and one for Rhythm, and a black top made from the same material as the skirts.  Team Match is coming up in just nine days, so I want to get the feel of dancing in a skirt since I mostly dance in pants.  I went to the studio dressed in my Rhythm skirt, black top, and white stud earrings.  Since this was my first time in my new get-up, I decided to put on some make-up, too.  Unfortunately, I was a bit embarrassed with my look because I felt a bit exposed.  (Normally, I am highly conservative with the way I dress.)  So, I zipped the white jacket I was wearing all the way up so no one could see my top.  It was also fairly cold in the studio.  Group class was about to start and I had to take off my jacket.  I was heading to the tables to drape my jacket over the table when he took a quick glance at what I was wearing.  Cue slightly astonished double take.  “I thought you didn’t like to wear dresses”, he said.  I tried to tell him that it wasn’t a dress, but a matching skirt and top, but he wasn’t having any of it.

I’ll admit that it did make me feel special that I caused the double take in a feminine sense, but that’s not what caused the most satisfaction.  No, what caused me the most satisfaction is that I caught him completely off guard.  I was thinking “You mess with me so much, and I finally got one on you.  Yes!”  I’m definitely going to be wearing these skirts with the top more often to see what reactions I get because I love surprising people.  The mischievous part of me wants to wear my Rhythm skirt and top to an upcoming Honors College banquet to see how many home schoolers I can “scandalize”.  Better watch out boys, the tigress is coming for you! *smirk*

The floor is yours now.

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