Ideals of Partnership

dancetogetherIt’s one of my dance-dreams to find a partner to dance with socially.  I’ve thought about what I believe is the best kind of partner for me, and I thought I’d share it with y’all.  A note on the title, I had to think about it carefully.  If I were to title it “My Ideal Partner”, I am dreadfully afraid it could be misconstrued as a search for a romantic partner.  Chatting with  one my professors about the matter, which was probably a mistake to begin with, resulted in said professor announcing it in front of the residents that were currently residing in the Honors office.  And of course, said professor made it sound like I was seeking a boyfriend.  Oh, well, call it a stupid moment for yours truly.

Ahem, moving on, this line between romance and dance can be blurred at times.  That’s why my first and most important criteria for a dance partner concerns this.  I want my relationship with my partner to remain platonic.  There are different stages of a platonic relationship, in my opinion.  For example, I am very nit-picky about the word friend.  Like the word love, I feel like we throw it around too much.  To me, a friend is someone I can pour my soul out to when I need to.  I can call a friend up, and tell him or her when I’m struggling or when I’m ecstatic.  Going by this definition, I would not consider the people I go to school with as friends because I do not believe I could do that with them.  That is why I call them “classmates”.  This may seem harsh, and it is, but I want to take the utmost caution when it comes to whom I call friend.  So, what does this have to do with a dance partner?  Honestly, I want whomever I’m dancing with to not only be that but a friend, too.  I want us to be able to put dancing aside when necessary so we can interact as if we weren’t partners.  Nick and I may have only been student and teacher, but there were time when I genuinely felt like we weren’t dancing but meeting each other as if we were friends.

All this being said, the second criteria is a corollary to the first one.  I do not want this relationship to develop into a romantic one if I can help it.  It would minimize the possible drama that could arise.  If there’s one thing that I loathe, its drama outside the theater.  Ick.  I have seen couples dance together, and even compete together, but I do not think this sort of partnership is for me.  I would not want something, dance, that brought us together to possibly tear us apart.  That’s just my opinion.  Now, if I ever find a guy that likes to dance, I would not just throw that away.  I certainly would not mind dancing with him socially or even in a showcase of some sort.  I would have to draw the line at competitions, though.  Two people plus two differing competitive attitudes plus an actual competition equals possible drama.

Finally, I want my partner to be close to my skill level, give or take a few notches.  It seems logical to me.  If there was a large discrepancy between our skill levels, I’m afraid it would just be like another student-teacher relationship.  Having someone at my skill level is optimal because we’d be equals in terms of our partnership.  It relates to the friendship aspect of the partnership as well.  To be frank, I kind of feel like I’m being a bit too picky, but I told y’all I’d share what I believe would be the best partner for me personally.  Should I ever be blessed with one, I’ll work with what I’ve been given.

The floor is yours now.

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