Being “Brainless” While Learning History (The Midterm Playlist)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the videos in this post, or “Horrible Histories”.


Spring break may be underway for yours truly, but that does not mean it’s a complete holiday.  On the contrary, I’d say its the opposite.  I have two midterms to do during my break.  In a previous post entitled “Life DOES Have Background Music—When You’re Studying”, I told y’all that classical music is my main method for stimulating my brain.  What I haven’t told y’all is that while I love intellectual juicing, I also love being “stupid”.  After all, one cannot go full tilt brain-wise all the time.  That would drive me insane.  So, reader, please forgive the fact that this post is not about dance.  Consider this a manifestation of my “stupidity”.

I’ve recently gotten into a BBC series called “Horrible Histories”.  It’s amazing.  But, rather than tell you about it, why not show you?  Ahem, it’s a pretty common misconception that the infamous Tudor king Henry VIII. beheaded all six of his wives.  In fact, I was in an art history class one day when my professor erroneously made this statement.  Tactfully, I tried to tell her that Henry VIII only beheaded two, Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard.  She was pretty insistent that Henry VIII did behead all his wives, so I shut my mouth in order to remain in her good graces.  Hmm, she should’ve watched this.  It was actually thanks to this nifty video that I memorized who his wives were and what happened to them.  I’ve actually learned quite a lot of English history from “Horrible Histories”. For example, Elizabeth I, ironically known as the “Virgin Queen”. She was only called such because she never married or produced any heirs. And let’s not forget Lady Jane Grey. Poor girl…  There’s also John Lackland.  Still, English history is not my forte.  I’m better versed in Greek and Roman history.

Speaking of the Romans, they had an obession with cleanliness.  However, one of things I cannot get around was the fact that they socialized in one of the most private places I could think of.  I’ve been to the Mediterranean and seen the ruins of Roman settlements.  I kid you not, the facilities are all in a row, perfect for socializing.  For all their advancements, Rome had plenty of flaws.  For example, they were gluttonous and often feasted until they were sick just to eat again. Yuck!  Don’t even get me started on the emperors.  Granted, some of them did well, like Marcus Aurelius.  However, I’d say the most well-known ones were quite infamous.  One of the most evil had to Caligula, perhaps only second to Nero. (By the way, this is my favorite skit.)  Moving on to the Greeks, Helen of Troy was said to have a face that could set a thousand ships to sea.  Apparently, she was just a ditz.  That’s not too far off from her portrayal in The Iliad, in my opinion.  Then, there’s Socrates26.2 mile run, anyone?.     Oh, and let us not forget those tragic three hundred Spartans.

Well, there could go on and on about my favorite sketches, but I don’t want to waste your time.  That, and this is a non-dancing related post.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.


P.S.: If you want to check out a hilarious sub-series of “Horrible Histories” type in “Stupid Deaths”.

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