Hardwood Floors Are Where It’s At!

“Beach, mountain, or somewhere else entirely?”


HardwoodFlooringPictureThere are so many places I’d rather be.  I could say a piazza in Rome eating some delicious cherry gelato, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, staring up at the Parthenon in Athens, etc.  I’ve been to all these places, and it was a great blessing.  But, this was during a vacation of some sort, and these wonderful places aren’t very accessible to me.  If I were to really pick a place where I could take some sort of mental refuge, it would be on a hardwood floor.  I can access one any time I wish, all I have to do is drive there.  I guess I should explain some more.  Hardwood floors are some of the best surfaces for dancing.  Yes, this is a dancing blog, so this answer should not be unexpected.  Dancing is such a significant part of my life that every time I see watch a basketball game or enter a gym some sort, I can’t help but relate it to dance.  During my university’s homecoming game, I thought “Man, why are they wasting all this space on basketball?  This would be an awesome place to waltz or swing!”  If I had the money and resources, I’d create a practice room complete with a barre for ballet, mirrors on every wall for visual reference, and a sound system.  Oh yeah, the dance floor is where I’d rather be than anywhere else most of the time.

At college, I’m concentrating on the lecture, participating in discussion, or taking notes.  That’s where a majority of my brain is, and it does derive a good deal of enjoyment from learning.  But, the rest of my grey matter is longing for that hardwood floor.  In fact, these are my thoughts during the week as I sit in class or do homework:

Monday (Chemistry lecture) — “The start of another week.  Why was this class only available at 8:00 am again?  At least dance is beginning again.  It’s only been three (or four) days, but it feels like forever!  I have to make sure I make it in time to stretch.  I have to stretch at least three times a week to maintain my flexibility.”

Tuesday (Philosophy and Honors Classes) — “Honors classes may be fun, and I may get to spend time with that guy I lo-, I mean like, but I can’t dance today.  Crap!  These used to be my practice days, but school doesn’t allow it anymore.”

Wednesday (Chemistry Lecture) — “My private lesson with Tommy is today.  I wonder what he’s going to have me do?  Whatever it is, I know I’m going to enjoy it.  If I’m lucky, I’ll even get to go to the specialty group class tonight.” [I have a new commitment on Wednesday nights, but it actually got cancelled this week.]

Thursday (Philosophy and Honors Classes) — “It’s finally here, Thursday!  That means that the social at the studio is tonight.  Nothing can ruin this day.  Even if it all goes down the drain, dance will make it better.  You know, everyone is really missing out.  Someday I’ll truly show them the charms of dance.  They can decide what to do from there.”

Friday (Chemistry Lecture AND Lab) — “It’s Friday, and my stupid schedule only had room for this class today.  *Groans*  What week is it?  I really need to remember.  If its Salsa week, I’m going.  As for Country Western, I’ll take a rain check.”

Saturday and Sunday — “My busiest days of the week.  This is when I get all the homework done.  Blech.  I better get everything done so I can be free for dancing when the new week starts.”

Don’t get me wrong.  Life is about so much more than dancing. I don’t exactly want to go to that new commitment on Wednesday, but I know its good for me.  Call it ” internal exercise and nourishment”.  Eventually, it’ll get better as I get to know my fellow participants, but it was pretty hard to give up one of my dance classes for it.  Dance is rather like the medication I take for my anxiety.  It helps me feel better, and it makes life easier.  Sometimes I have to diminish my time dancing because it might be to my betterment, like lowering the amount of a dosage.  I definitely feel it, but I have to do what I have to do.  Too much dancing will ruin the overall quality of my life.  That’s why I have to balance it.  I’m afraid I might tire of it if I danced and completely disregarded everything else.  Still, if you ever ask me, “Alaina, where would you rather be than, say, at school or at home?”  I’ll reply, “I’d rather be dancing with the people I love.”  And if the situation deemed it appropriate, I’d ask “Care to join me?”


11 thoughts on “Hardwood Floors Are Where It’s At!

    • Even before I started dancing they were fun, I’d slip and slide all around the room in my socks as a little kid. Of course, that doesn’t factor too well when your stairs are made of the same material, and you decide to walk down in socks…

      What kind of dancing do you like?

  1. Well, I am a dance junkie! I go through withdrawals if I don’t get my dance fix. No way I am lowering my dose age! Not dancing would be worse for me! And I love your thought about the gym…”why are they wasting so much space on basketball?” Indeed! That is totally a thought I would have, lol. I’d take a raincheck on CW night too! I stink at Country dances and don’t prefer the music!

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