What Does He Think?

I have a question for you, reader?  How much do you care what other people think of you?  Are you a people pleaser?  Do you just not give a crap?  Is it somewhere in between?  It’s a rather curious balance for me.  On one hand, I really could care less.  I care enough to be civil and respectful.  That’s all.  When it comes to teachers, however, my mind becomes flooded with anxious thoughts.  What does he/she think of me as a student?  Do I have potential in his/her eyes?  Am I just a nuisance?  As of late, these thoughts have been flying through my head quite frequently.  The spring semester has just started, and I have several new professors.  I have a fervent desire to prove myself to them.

This applies not only to academics, but to dance, too.  I’m starting to warm up to Tommy to the point where I’m really starting to wonder what he thinks of me as a student.  I get along with most of my teachers, and most have admitted that they’ve enjoyed teaching me.  I wonder if he enjoys teaching me?  What does he think about my dancing, about my progress?  If I had the boldness, I’d ask him these questions, but I lack such boldness.  The only thing to do right now is to keep practicing.


2 thoughts on “What Does He Think?

  1. I’ve always believed in this: it’s not my business what other people think of me. As long as I’m happy with the work I’m doing, and as long as the work I’m doing is up to my standards, I’m happy. I can’t please everyone, so I choose to please myself.

    • I tend to take that stance socially, especially during these college years of mine. It really helps that I’m not particularly close to anybody. However, when it comes to teachers, I really turn into a people-pleaser, something that certainly doesn’t please me. I mainlly seek to find a balance in that area. Thanks for your input.

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