Back To School Playlist


Well, today was the first day of school.  It’s a bit troublesome to wake up at 6:30 am so I can make it on time to my 8:00 am class, but I’ve done it before.  It’s still hard to believe that it’s 2013 already, but I’m hopeful this year is going to be great.  My heart is still slightly black-and-blue, but I have my faith, my family, and my dance.  I’m hoping to eventually make some close friends.  Until then, I’m content with what I have.  Hey, at least I haven’t had a nasty break-up with a significant other of some sort. (Trying to come up with something positive here…)  Ahem, it turns out that I’m going to be attending a dance this Friday at 8:00 pm, which pleases me greatly.  It’s a sock-hop, and this girl is ready to swing!  I’m not sure how many of my Honors College classmates are coming because there’s an opportunity to attend the symphony.  As much as I enjoy baroque and classical music, my heart belongs to dance.  Perhaps if they attend the ballet again, I’ll go.

Me?  I can’t wait for Friday.  I’m especially hoping to see a certain handsome gentleman.  See, he actually taught me how to bachatta during a school-hosted salsa night.  I really want to dance another one with him.  It’s really a shame more college men don’t dance.  I understand if you don’t like dance.  What I don’t understand is the unwillingness to get their butts out of the dorm and loosen up a bit.  Ah, but it can’t be helped, can it?  Someday, somewhere, a man will want to dance with me.  No, it doesn’t have to be anything romantic or magical.  I just want a dance partner.  I do confess that it is one of my greatest fantasies to meet the love of my life on the dance floor, though.  Aside from dance, I don’t really have much of a game plan for this year, other than study hard.  Well, here’s to the new semester.

The floor is yours now.

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