A Season Begins…

This post serves as a kind-of-sequel to this one.


Wednesday was my first private lesson back of the New Year, and it was also my first lesson without Nick.  It seems appropriate, in a painful way.  I’ve had lessons without Nick before.  Those were called exchange lessons, where students are paired up with a different teacher to increase versatility.  This was different.  Nick is currently out-of-town.  For the sake of the situation, I won’t divulge any details.  Clicking on the link to the related post will give you an idea of what is going on.  Right now, he’s getting some well-earned rest.  I wish him the greatest blessings.  All this to say that today’s lesson was slightly painful, a little awkward, but still fun.  The pain and awkwardness mostly stem from the fact that I suddenly had to have a lesson with a new teacher that I don’t know too well.  His name is Tommy.  He’s a great dancer.  He’s also very kind and patient.  Still, change is hard, and I find I now have to adapt.  His physical lead is different, and so is his teaching.  He strikes me as a technical teacher, like Nick, but he also emphasizes styling, something Nick didn’t really do.  I feel really bad saying this, but I found myself wishing Nick was teaching me during my lesson with Tommy.  I guess I’m just feeling kind of sad about this whole situation.  I’m trying to be optimistic.  The more teachers I dance with, the more I’ll excel as a dancer.  Plus, I’ll make a new friend.  Things will get better with time…

I was in a pretty somber mood until I went to the Specialty group class later that night.  Normally, Nick teaches it, but as I’ve said before, he’s out-of-town.  It was dedicated entirely to turns, which I absolutely adore.  I do have to make one thing clear: I am both extremely good at turns and extremely inept.  If a man leads me into a turn, whether it’s a free-spin or regular turn, I can pull it off well.  However, this group class was dedicated to self-powered spins.  As in I had to spin entirely by myself.  I do have a brief ballet background, which I am extremely grateful for.  The thing about ballet is that it sticks like super-glue.  I only danced ballet consistently for about eight months, yet my lines, spotting, carriage, and overall muscle tone has improved vastly.  However, since ballet is on an unfortunate hiatus, I have been losing practice.  My chaînés are a bit messy, and it irks me.  All this to say that I’m not as good as self-spins as I thought I’d be.  But, Tommy was constantly encouraging me, and it felt great.  Thinking back, I felt a little more comfortable with him because there were two other students.  At this point, I am rather unsure about this whole situation.  I am thankful that we get along, but I can’t help but worry about how this new relationship of mine will work out.  I’ll be sure to update if anything notable comes up.

Flummoxed and Slightly-Pained,



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