A Season’s Sunset…

A common analogy I’ve heard concerning life is that of the seasons.  Everything in life has a season that waxes and wanes.  When life utterly sucks, it is only for a period of time.  Unfortunately, the high seasons of life also come to an end.  Do you know the mythological origin of the seasons, reader?

It begins with the goddess Demeter, known by the Latinists as Ceres.  Demeter ruled over agriculture, creating healthy, fertile soil and bountiful harvests.  Demeter had a daughter, Persephone, whose beauty was like that of the coming spring.  One day, Persephone wandered from her mother’s vigil because she spied a wonderful patch of flowers with which she could make a beautiful bouquet.  So enthralled was she by the flowers that she began to sing happily as she gathered them.  From his underground abyss, Hades, lord of the dead, was roused by Persephone’s singing.  Upon seeing the music’s source, Hades fell in love.  Rising in terrible glory, he kidnapped the young woman in order to make her his queen.

When the news of her daughter’s kidnapping reached Demeter, she was enraged.  She came before Zeus, high king of the gods, demanding that her daughter be returned to her.  Zeus relented, but warned Demeter that her daughter must not consume any food during her stay in the Underworld.  Doing so would bind Persephone to Hades and his domain forever.  Soon after, news reached Persephone of her rescue.  She was elated, but Hades, in his cunning, persuaded Persephone to eat some seeds from a pomegranate he offered.  With the seeds consumed, Persephone was released from the Underworld and into the loving arms of Demeter.

Demeter, though overjoyed at the reunion, immediately asked her daughter if she had consumed any food during her time with Hades.  Persephone balked in horror, and told her mother about the pomegranate seeds.  Demeter was distraught, and sought Zeus once again for counsel.  Because her daughter had been stolen unlawfully from her, Zeus comes to a compromise.  Persephone may stay with her mother, but she must also abide by the laws of the Underworld.  The number of pomegranate seeds she consumed, which is debatable, is the number of months out of the years she must stay with Hades as his queen.

Thus, the seasons come and go.  During the spring and summer months, Persephone is with her mother, and Demeter showers the Earth with her joy.  However, as fall and winter approach, Demeter weeps.  Being estranged from her daughter causes the environment to cry with her as her daughter serves in the court of Hades.

If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering why I mention the seasons and bother to tell this story.  Well, gentle reader, a season of my life is coming to an end, and it wrenches my heart.  Nick, my dear partner, told me today that he would be leaving the studio.  He isn’t quite sure when he’ll actually move, but he needs to.  I want to keep the exact situation under wraps, but I’ll tell you that he truly needs to do this.  Moving will garner him a job where he can better take care of himself.  It’s for similar reasons that Victor left the studio.  I understand, really and truly.  When I was young, I constantly had to move around because of my Dad’s job.   It always tore me apart because I didn’t understand.  Now, I do.  Still, the emotions remain.  It’s the exact same thing with this.  I’ve already experienced losing a teacher with Victor, but eventually losing NIck will still hurt just as much, if not more.  Personality-wise, we just clicked.  Emotionally, he’s impacted me wonderfully.  He is one of the few people to gentle dismantle my walls, and he was the first person I could comfortably look in the eyes.  He loved and accepted me as a person, as I did for him.  He became like a brother to me.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my very short life, its that life’s constancy is it’s inconstancy.  It’s paradoxical, but it is true, no?  Some days, life is wonderful.  Others make you want to crawl up into the fetal position.  It’s rattling.  Some people might curse Dame Fortune, lamenting the sudden change in circumstances.  As much as I want to do that, what is the point?  Throwing a hissy fit won’t change anything.  I did, however, shed my first tears in the studio where people could see.  Usually, whenever I’m having a bad day, I let the waterworks flow, then go to dance.  Dance is supposed to be my happy place.  I guess I couldn’t really hold it in this time.  But, hey, even if I’m grieving, I intend to spend the time left I have with Nick to it’s fullest.  Thanks for everything, Nick.  I love you.


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