Cha-cha (and my hyper-extended legs?)

So, I’m totally psyched.  One, its 12/12/12.  I always thought dates like these were cool, and it’s kind of sad that these dates won’t appear anymore considering we only have twelve months in our year.  Two, this is my 150th post.  Yay!  I can’t think of a better way to commemorate these two things than by writing an actual update.  It’s definitely been a while because I’ve been working on school figures these past few weeks.  Happily, Nick decided to work on some Cha-Cha technique for most of the lesson and decided to end it with some waltzing.  By the way, did I ever tell you the story of how I re-learned Cha-cha when I first started going to my studio?

It was on a Friday during my senior year of high school.  It had been  “one of those days”.  The general weariness and crankiness I was feeling was exacerbated because I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I had a bad day on a Friday.  Bad days were for Mondays, not Fridays.  I just wanted to go home and sleep.  Fortunately, my wise mother convinced me to go to dance because it would make me feel better.  She drove me there, where I was greeted by a smiling Victor.  He told me we were going to learn Cha-Cha, so I literally went through the motions, waiting for it to be over so I could go home and nap.  Then, he put on this song.  It was one of my favorite “modern” songs because the beat was awesome.  (It’s okay now, but I’ve heard much better.)  I grinned, and we began to dance.  There was even a moment when Victor and I sang a lyric simultaneously, much to our amusement.  Yeah, that one lesson turned my whole day around.

Anyway, I worked on lock steps today.  These are progressive steps.  The legs are close together on slightly different tracks, hence the name “lock”.  They can go forwards or backwards.  The footwork for former goes flat-ball-flat, while the latter goes ball-flat-flat.  (Gah!)  I spent a good portion of the lesson trying to get the pattern for each down while trying to keep my feet on separate tracks.  Keeping my feet on different tracks allows for optimum hip motion, according to DP.  After some good repetition, we worked on the intricacies of the back-rock.  When you initially step back, both legs are straight, and your hips are squared.  Then, you settle into your right hip, rotate it, shift your weight to your front leg while you simultaneously bring your back leg to meet the front.  Man, even the simplest of dance moves sounds so complicated when you write it down!  After that, he decided to waltz with me to cap off this awesome lesson.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  I have to elaborate on the parentheses in the title.  For those that don’t know, I have hyper-extension in both my arms and legs, which add a little flexibility.  Honestly, I love my legs.  That sounds really weird, but I just enjoy kicking, stretching, and doing all sorts of things.  The randomness started when I had to shake out the tense feeling in my legs from working on the lock steps.  Being the goofy guy that he is, DP decided to join me.  So we started joking around when he noted that I could get my legs fairly high in the air.  Impressed, he asked me how high I could kick my leg.  Suddenly, he gets the bright idea of trying out some dips and tricks.  It was pretty fun.  Just wait until I get my spilts, Nick!  Then we’ll be able to try out truly cool stuff!


The floor is yours now.

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