A Christmas Gift For You

Hello, friends.  How has life been treating you?  The Christmas season has arrived.  It’s a time of decorating, shopping, eating, and fellowship.  For my extended family in Colorado, the snow, littering the landscape with a powdery blanket.  Yes, this time of year can be especially wonderful.  However, Christmas can be extremely hard, too.  I’ve heard my share of sob-stories on the radio, and, like every human being, experienced my share of pain.  I’ve been feeling compelled to write this for a while now, but I haven’t had the words to say.  I do now, so this is a Christmas present from me to you, reader.

You are beautiful.   Physical beauty is truly only skin-deep.  One great thing Disney teaches, specifically with Beauty and the Beast, is that true beauty lies within.  Sometimes, I struggle with my self-image.  I feel overly energetic and annoying.  I sometimes wonder if any man can truly come to love me as I am.  Then, I think for a little bit.  I am beautiful because there’s no one like me in the world.  The same goes for you, too.  You were formed lovingly, uniquely, and meticulously.  Always try to smile, even if it’s forced.  I’ve seen too many senior citizens with a perpetual frown etched in their faces.  My mom gave me some great advice.  If you want to age gracefully and be happy in your old age, be a smiling young person.  One day your hair will fade to grey, your face will lose that youthful look, etc.  But, you can still be beautiful, from your twenties to eighties, you just have to keep your inner little kid alive.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been kissed, never been asked out on a date, been mistreated, etc.  You are beautiful.

You are loved. Though it doesn’t always feel like it, does it?  The world can be cruel.  I know someone, whom I love dearly, that had a rough childhood.  Her mother didn’t know how to love her (More on this later), and her father abused alcohol.  The environment where she grew up was obviously toxic, and she was abused.  She didn’t feel loved at all, so life was pretty miserable for a while.  But, her story has a happy ending.  She’s now a secure woman, happy with herself and very loving.  Please, love yourself.  Because if you don’t, how can you share it with others?  A question that’s bugged me for a bit is “How do you love yourself”, or “How do you take care of yourself?”  Beyond the basics of health and hygiene, do things that give you joy, especially if life is really roughing you up.  For me, that’s dance.  However, I also like to sing and draw, though I’m rather inept at the latter.  Know yourself, so that you know when to relax.  Again, let me reiterate that you were formed lovingly.  Take care of yourself, and know that you are loved.

You are not alone. I’ll admit that I struggle the most with this.  I’m sure y’all can relate to this.  Sometimes you can be surrounded by tons of people, and still feel lonely.  I haven’t made any really close friendships at college yet, so I’ve felt this, too.  But, then I consider my family that loves me.  In addition to them, I also have a dancing family that loves and accepts me just the way I am.  That proves that there’s so much more to family than blood or legality.  Seek fellowship with friends because they make life more tolerable.  You are not alone.

The floor is yours now.

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