Oh Ballet and Tap, How I Miss Thee!

Authoress’ Note: My last final is going to be on December 10th.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to write more after that.  Oh, and I’m also suffering from a nasty case of writer’s block.


I’ve been a tardy blogger.  I primarily blame finals and the fact that I have to get used to this relatively new computer.  I broke my old one when I slipped on the hardwood floor while I was carrying it.  Oh well, it was five years old anyway.

December has barely started and all the radio stations are blasting Christmas music,  decorations are everywhere, and the shoppers never seem to stop.  It’s driving me nuts!  Frankly, Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday in the world, despite the personal, religious significance.  I sincerely hope that I’m not losing my inner child, but the magic seems to have faded.  But, I digress.  This post is partially inspired by Christmas.  I’ve been hearing about “grown-up” Christmas lists on the radio lately.  That got my wondering.  What is your “grown-up” Christmas list with regards to dancing?  As the title implies, the only two items on that list are ballet and tap.

If there are any fellow college students reading this blog, let me tell you this: Unless you go to a fine arts college or have a collegiate team on your campus, I would not recommend picking up dance as a hobby.  The only reason I’m still dancing at this point is because I picked it up consistently around two years ago, so I figured it could make the transition.  I was both right and wrong.  The answer largely depends on the number of hours you take and your schedule for the semester.  The former has been fine, even when I take my maximum capacity of sixteen hours.  The latter, not so much.  This semester made me cut back on ballroom from four days a week to half that.  I hope and pray that the upcoming semester will be more accommodating to my dancing because tap and ballet have disappeared entirely.

I haven’t taken a ballet class in over half a year, and my biggest worry is that I’ll lose the decent amount of muscle memory I gained when I took classes.  I’ve heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this definitely applies to ballet.  I initially joined ballet to supplement my ballroom.  I even had a dream of going en pointe.  I’ve given up on that dream.  I just want to dance ballet again and make beautiful shapes with my body.  Being more flexible wouldn’t hurt, either.  As for tap, I’ve actually always wanted to make music with my feet.  ISD is not available right now, so I opted for tap.  The main problem here is finding a studio that fits me and one that also offers adult classes.  Dear Santa or whatever, please don’t let ballet and tap go away! 


One thought on “Oh Ballet and Tap, How I Miss Thee!

  1. I recently revisited ballet after a very long absence. I haven’t practiced it regularly in over 10 years. Though I am not as strong or fit or flexible as I once was, let me assure you the muscle memory doesn’t go away. It feels like slipping on your favorite comfy slippers to do it once again.

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