The Steady Decline

Authoress’ Note:  It’s been over a week.  Unfortunately, I’ve been facing a dreadful thing that plagues all writers: writer’s block.  I do not want to force myself to write if I don’t have at least a small spark of inspiration.  “Quality over quantity” is the mantra I follow, and who wants to read dozens of poorly written blog posts, anyway?  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to “bring home the bacon,” so-to speak.  I never thought I’d ever have readers, especially not on a subject like dancing.  So, here’s a warm thank you to all my readers out there before I begin.


I walked away before it ended.  For the first time, in all the seasons I’ve watched, I walked away before the show ended. I’m talking about “Dancing with the Stars”.  Yes, I have told my readers that I wasn’t watching it anymore, and I did skip one season of the show.  But, when I heard that they were having an “All-Star” season, I was too curious to pass it up.  This season, despite the cast of familiar characters, has been the most disappointing to me a ballroom dancer to date.  After this one, I am more seriously considering ending my “relationship” with the show, despite the longevity.  (I’ve been watching the show since Season 3, and that one season I skipped is the only one I missed.)  I’ll try not to rant too much, but DWTS seems to be on that downhill slide.

I’m starting to understand that conveying any accuracy concerning ballroom dancing was probably never the primary objective.  Like any TV show, I’d say ratings are the most important.  Still, thinking back to the early seasons I do believe there was an okay amount of accuracy.  I mean, DWTS is what inspired my 15-year-old self to take it up as a hobby.  I didn’t find the transition between watching and dancing to be too difficult.  Occasionally, they’d have a theme week to understandably keep it fresh for other, non-dancing viewers.

This season, to my recollection, has been a pretty endless conveyor belt of theme weeks: from country, to triple dancing, to fusion (the combining of two styles), and as of last week, a Michael Jackson tribute.  If you’ve been keeping up with the show, like me, you’ve seen the professionals get pretty darn frustrated.  Something like a fusion may be done in a showcase, but in competition, where these pros really strut their stuff, not so much.  That, and the music has gotten more horrendous with each season.  I listen to most of the music they dance to and think, “Is this really the proper tempo for a (insert dance here)?  I don’t think so.”  Granted, there are timing differences between American and International style, but it seems to me like the most basic musical aspects of each dance are ignored.

Finally, I hate seeing decent dancers, like Sabrina Bryan lose to someone due to the obvious popularity contest.  It just hurts.  DWTS, you better shape up, or we’re through!


The floor is yours now.

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