Delicious Dreams of Dancers

This is my 130th post.  My, my.  I now have over one hundred, well-written posts on a blog that’s a little less than a year old.  This blog’s first anniversary will be on November 18th.  I plan to do a celebratory post, but ideas are quite lacking.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I have a series on my “dance fantasies” that I’ve entitled “Star-gazer”.  Those three posts are on my three biggest goals that I have thus far, but this dreamer definitely has more.

Unintentional Wallflower

Arthur Murray makes it blissfully easy when it comes to social dancing.  You’re never short of dancing partner there, mostly because their socials only serve as a general introduction to social dancing.  In any other situation, there is no guarantee that you’ll get asked to dance.  It gets quite lonely.

I love cruises because they are great places to dance socially.  That doesn’t just go for ballroom.  I’ve danced in a late night bar strictly for adults (eighteen or older) to funky, techno music.  The upper areas of cruise ships love to host parties that go late into the night.  My favorite–and saddest–memories from those parties has to be when they had a “Big Band Night”.  It was all the wonderful music from the 40s, a live orchestra with a rockin’ horn section, and I had no one to dance with.  It was mostly senior citizens, and the people who weren’t dancing were curled up next to their significant other enjoying the music.  I guess you could call this a dance and romantic fantasy.  I’d really like to find a man who is willing to dance with me.  Until then, guys, anybody care for a dance? 😉

Must Keep Muscle Memory!

This one is simple enough.  I want to get back to tap and ballet, but college has kept me from it.  I admit, out of the genres I had to give up temporarily, ballroom wasn’t an option.  I took ballet to reach my highest potential as a dancer.  I took tap to fulfill that primal part of me that adores percussion.  I took ballet consistently enough to gain some muscle memory, and I don’t want to lose it!  As for tap, come on, I didn’t watch all those Fred Astaire movies for nothing!

Ballroom Blitz

A lot of the new freshman guys in the Honors College actually know how to swing dance.  What’s more impressive is that they outnumber the girls in this aspect.  If I were actually bold enough, I’d plan a ballroom dance party with some fun dances I believe young people would eat up, like salsa and swing.  Who knows?  Maybe some would be willing to try the more socially sophisticated waltz or foxtrot?  A woman can dream…

Seeing Silver

(Yes, alliteration almost always annoys, but I lack the creativity to come up with sharp, witty titles.)  Ahem, another little dream of mine is to eventually become a Silver-ranked dancer.  In Bronze, you’re breaking away from foundational dance and slowly transitioning to high-level competitive dancing.  I’m a Bronze II dancer that will hopefully moving on to Bronze III soon.  Nick was honest with me in terms of progress.  Typically, the transition from Bronze I to II takes a sizable chunk of time, as does the transition from Bronze III to IV.  That’s good news because that means that Bronze III may come quicker than I think.  The bad news is that I still have a long way to go before I really become advanced.  Hey, I’m willing to work hard (and update along the way) until then.

Do you have any dance fantasies (provided they’re appropriate 😉 )?


The floor is yours now.

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