Say What? Part VII: “No, really, did I just hear that?”

All credit goes to Dance Forums for this post’s inspiration.  So far, this little series of mine has been strictly about what I’ve heard in my particular neck of the woods, more specifically, at my studio.  From reading Dance Forums and Stef’s blog, we ballroom dancers say or hear really weird things.  Out of context, these phrases seem awkward, or even a little dirty.  But, we ballroom dancers probably know what’s being said if we hear it.  Without further ado, hear are the weirdly wonderful things ballroom dancer’s say.  (Note: If you want to read the inspiration behind my post, click here, and anything that’s quoted by here will be indicated by a * followed by their username.  Everything else is stuff I’ve heard directly.)

“You really should get heel protectors.” –a former teacher concerning the worn state of my shoes

“I need you to give me your hips.”  –DP explaining closed position for Smooth

“It’s called the Alaina (and/or) Urbantke move.” –DP making up an obviously fake name for a figure that I asked him about

“Does anyone have a shoe brush?” –stash

“Use your standing leg!”*  –stash (though I’ve heard this one myself as well)

Nameless Teacher: “Okay, I probably don’t need to tell you this, but you have boobs.”   Me:  “Yes, I do, so…”  NT:  “We need to show them off a little more.”  Me: *trying not to blush from embarrassment*

(relating to the above on Dance Forums) “On a related note, ‘Boobs up!'(By way of coaching on posture.)”*  –pygmalion

“I need both your boobs.” –an anonymous teacher referencing closed position

“I can’t.  I have dance.”*  –Yana

“You need to adjust your center.”

“Heel, toe, toe-heel…”

“My old instructor to the beat of whatever Viennese Waltz we were dancing to: ‘Move your @ss, move your @ss, move your @ss, move your @ss, move your @ss…'”–gardinercd

A universal injection: “Ouch!”  (Personally, I’ve been whipped by a long pony-tail while a couple was waltzing; I’ve accidentally smacked one of the other instructors in the head while dancing cha-cha; I’ve accidentally scratched one of my former instructors with my nails and kicked him in the shin; and had my arm twisted into a rather uncomfortable position during a hammer-lock.)

That’s all I have as of now.  Anything I left out?


The floor is yours now.

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