A Frightening, Yet Slightly Funny Aside

Yes, today is Wednesday, and today should be my weekly update.  Unfortunately, my dear readers, we just practiced on the same things (Rhythm) that we did two weeks ago. Not that that’s a horrible thing.  I don’t want to risk being repetitive, so I really won’t be writing an update.  Sorry.  Besides, today was more of a “dancing” lesson than a technical lesson since Nick and I hadn’t seen each other in a week.

I, will, however, put my dignity on the line and share a little aside from today’s lesson.  So, DP and I were dancing Cha-cha.  No technique, just fun dancing.  It was nearing the end of the song and he suddenly yells out, “DEATH DROP!”  My brain had a split second to think “What in the world’s a–” then I let out a frightened yelp as he puts me in death drop position.  What’s a death drop, you ask?  It’s a dip.

This is obviously not me. Most of the pictures I use on this website are from Google Images. The ones that are actually mine will be put in galleries, like my Team Match pictures.

Yeah, it gave me a nice scare.  I think what’s scary about this dip is that the man is mainly using his arms to hold the lady up, rather than his whole upper body.  Ladies, you still do have to support your own weight because your feet are on the floor.  Though, I have a feeling that the man’s supporting most of our weight in this one, unlike other dips.

Anyway, Nick is going to be teaching a “dips and tricks” specialty group class tonight.  In light of this, I asked him “Hey, Nick.  Are you going to teach the death drop in your group class tonight?”  I had a pretty good idea about what the answer would be, but I wanted to make doubly sure.  He replies, “Yeah totally.”  I, shamefully gullible at the time, widen my eyes and contort my face in understandable fear.  Upon seeing my reaction, he laughs and tells me that he was just joking.  Thank heavens!  I trust Nick completely, so if he pulls one of those in the future, I’ll be less frightened.  Random people who show up for a group class, not so much.  This mistrust is compounded when you consider the fact that most of said people are fresh out of their Newcomers Program (Foundation is the first program), and barely into Bronze.  I hate to generalize, but most of them haven’t figured out that a nice firm grip, like a handshake, is how to properly hold the lady’s right hand.  So, timid hand-holders+sudden change in weight ratio=very bad.  That being said, I’ll hopefully be attending this group class tonight.  I’m further hoping that I’ll have enough material to write about it since this will be my first “dips and tricks” group class.


The floor is yours now.

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