My Dance Manifesto: Spreading Caritas

Authoress’ Note: This post is a response to Stefanie’s question at the end of this particular post.


Caritas is the word, my friends.  It is the single word that sums up my manifesto.  So, what in the world does it mean?  Well, it is the Latin synonym for the Greek word agape.  (Click here for a definition of agape. It’s at the very bottom.)  Okay, I’ll stop beating around the bush.  Caritas is another Latin word for love, more specifically, unconditional love.  Another, perhaps more familiar term, for love would be amo, from which we derive the word amorous, among others.  But, caritas is probably best translated as “charity” which fits perfectly with “unconditional love”.  So, I’ll be using the two interchangeably throughout the manifesto.

That’s enough wordplay.  There are many reasons why I love to dance.  I love the energy, movement, clothes I get to wear, shoes, physicality, etc…  Hence, I love to dance.  Know this: what I love most about dancing is the people.  Personally, when it comes to my dancing, the love for the people I’m dancing with and the actual activity are inseparable.  If I had too many bad experiences with rude people when I was initially starting, I probably wouldn’t dance.  If I didn’t dance, especially ballroom, I probably would have never grown to like dresses or make-up.  Yes, despite being more secure with the masculine side of myself, I dread losing touch with what I truly am.  That’s why I am grateful that I now like the prospect of putting on make-up and a dress.

But, I digress (again).  What I want to do with my dancing is spread the love.  Geez, I just sounded like I’m a hippie from the 60s!  This is different.  Not only do I want to spread my love of dance when I dance, but I also want to spread love to others through my dancing.  I think I’ll model my manifesto stylistically after Stef’s.

I, Alaina, resolve that as a dancer I will…

1)  Continue to love dance despite the fact that I cannot participate in it as much as I’d like due to my hectic schedule

2)  Be patient, even if my current partner is trying to correct what I do when he really should not.

3)  Be friendly, and pay it forward because there were people who took me under their wing when I was starting out, too.

4)  Try to love myself through my dancing because I need more of that.

5) Continue to love the people I dance with, and the people I don’t, through my dancing.

3 thoughts on “My Dance Manifesto: Spreading Caritas

  1. Yay! I’m so excited you took this on! congrats on a great dance manifesto! I wish more people would create one! how cool would that be?

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