Working on Rhythm

My weekly updates are back!  Everything has all been worked out.  I have lessons now on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm so it won’t interfere with Tap, which goes from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  Of course, college is my main priority right now.  So, to all my readers—and myself—I give this warning: You never know when college will grab you by the short hairs and prevent you from doing something you’d rather be doing than homework, like blogging.

Academia aside, this was one goofy, hyper lesson.  We focused on Rhythm, but I do hope to work on Smooth soon.  We started off with Rumba, focusing on settling into the hips and slightly bending your non-standing leg for emphasis during the “slows”.  Then, we spent the rest of the lesson on Bronze II school figures.  I’m glad we mainly focused on the school figures since Nick has been focusing on technique lately.  Not that I mind, but I was starting to wonder when we were going to work on school figures because I want to test out of Bronze II as soon as I can.  In Bronze II, there are two school figures for each dance you want to test out of.  Today, we worked on Rumba, Cha-cha, and Merengue.  That’s six figures.  Here’s hoping I can remember most of what I learned today.  If not, I know Nick won’t mind re-teaching me what I forget.

As for the goofy and hyper part, Nick was all energy today.  It got to the point where I asked him how much sugar he had.  He had three olives, a sandwich with white bread, and a beverage of some sort.  Not too much sugar, but certainly enough energy to put him into over-drive.  He adopted all sorts of accents, including a hilariously accurate German one, while he was teaching me.  He would ask me to do a figure by myself while he watched and kept count.  Only, he would count with one of his accents.  It got to the point where my face developed a pink tint, and I couldn’t concentrate on remembering what I was supposed to do.  Yeah, my cheeks were definitely aching by the end of the lesson.

Eddie, his partner in mischievous crime, wasn’t any help.  He’d whoop happily and cheer for me as I was trying to do the steps, which while encouraging, was also embarrassing.  He just added to the boisterous energy.  He’s more energetic than most of his partners, but not nearly as much as Nick.  At one point, his current student, a very soft-spoken, talented dancer said in an exasperated tone, “You’re loud.”  Nick, ever the big brother, hollered “WHO?!”  Of course, I certainly wasn’t helping because I was laughing so hard.  Seriously, both Nick and Eddie are just like my big brothers that I never wanted but got. 😉

The lesson got so random that we started talking about drink mixtures.  Eddie likes to mix Coca-cola with lemonade, which doesn’t sound too gross.  It all started when Nick suggested I mix Red Bull with Coke, which truly sounds disgusting.  Then, the two of them started talking about wine and other ingredients you could mix with it.  At this point, I zoned out.  Before I knew it, the lesson was over.  I had learned just as much as I had laughed.  I could use lessons like this on more rainy days…


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