A Promise

Authoress’ Note: I’m extremely sorry that I haven’t been updating as speedily as I used to.  But, school is back with a vengeance.  Now, I have to balance school (which is a juggling act in itself), dance, and blogging.  That being said, school should not be an excuse.  I’ve blogged consistently before during the school year, and I intend to do so this year.  I just wanted to let y’all know where I was.


Setting: Thursday of last week, the week before the Team Match that Saturday

One of the owner’s old students came in to join our weekly social.  His appearance was unexpected because I hadn’t seen him in over half a year.  He seemed to disappear into thin air.  When I asked about this strange inconsistency, she told me that he moved to Reno because his job required him to, and he was visiting.  Here’s what I remember about him: He is an experienced dancer with a Silver rank; He had an amateur partner, but he obviously had to leave her because he was moving; He was an introverted individual that seemed to border on anti-socialism, and there were times when I wished I had the courage to ask him to dance with me despite my shyness.

Come party time, he only danced with his former teacher and people who were clearly closer to his dancing level, no newbie dances at all.  Whatever his motives for doing so, this rubbed me the wrong way.  I’m not the only one either.  Looking at Dance Forums, I’ve found that this is a common complaint.  We were all beginner’s once, scared of looking like an idiot, and worried that people were secretly judging us.  Some of those beginners nursed raging insecurities and were fearfully paranoid.  *points to self*  I’d like this opportunity to thank all the people beside my teachers that danced with me–and enjoyed it–when I was first starting out.  It made me feel better about what I was doing, and it showed me that you understood where I was at the moment and that you were willing to empathize.  Yesterday, was my two-year dance anniversary, and it got me thinking.  I used to go to Newcomer group classes a lot in my first year, even after I was Bronze I.  My original intent was to brush up on my steps and technique, and I knew it would be good practice for me.  But, what if, by dancing happily with the newbies there, I impacted someone positively?  I made them feel better amidst the awkwardness?  I did for them, what was done for me not to long ago?  I’m not completely sure, but the possibility fills me with happiness.  So, I’m here to make a promise.  When I become even more advanced, as in Silver and above, I’m going to keep dancing with newbies, and not just when my teachers pair me up with them.  I’m going to develop the boldness to ask newer gentleman to dance.  Because, really, a one-to-three minute dance can’t hurt anything.  And, if I have the chance to pay it forward, I will.


The floor is yours now.

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