Shoulders, Carriage, and…Tortilla Chips?

School starts this Monday for me.  I’ll be taking twelve hours.  This should mean an easier semester, more dancing, and more writing.  However, I didn’t originally want it to be this way, believe it or not.  I originally had sixteen hours.  But, I was administratively dropped from two of my classes because I didn’t finish the prerequisite.  Apparently I can’t take the prerequisite and the subsequent class(es) at the same time.  Grrr…

But I digress.  My lesson of Friday with Nick was focused on Salsa.  Last time I did Salsa at a competition, it was considered a “specialty dance”, which earned bonus points at the team matches.  This time, it’s an actual competition dance.  I found this odd because Salsa struck me as a social dance.  Mambo seemed like the competition equivalent.  So, most of the lesson was me mentally thinking about this.  Yes, I tend to fixate.  When I asked Nick, he said that out competition Salsa would be “flashier”, but also added that it really depended on the leader.  As usual, we focused on technique, a really great thing for me.  He wanted my steps to be “dainty”, but sexy at the same time.  Don’t really know how I’m going to pull that off, any suggestions.  The biggest challenge thus far is exuding confidence.  While I’m no longer nervous on the floor, being confident is an entirely different ballgame.  I guess that’s where the permanently plastered smile comes in.

Another thing that’s rather unnatural is the carriage.  I have to hold myself high.  To put it bluntly, boobs up.  Think ballet.  Of course, unless you’ve done dancing for a very long time, this isn’t natural posture.  That’s another thing I’ll have to think about.  I also learned a new step.  I like to call it the “funky box”, but the technical name is Mambo points.  The man and woman make a sort of jazz square while out of hold.  This can also be done at speed.  Unfortunately, I can’t describe it beyond what I’ve already said as I’m already trying hard to remember it already.

As for the title, DP decided to make a bad joke about Salsa and tortilla chips.  I wish I had more, but I don’t.  Don’t worry though, there’s a Team Match Workshop group class on Friday, and the Team Match itself on Saturday.  I’ll be sure to write about those when I have time.

Until next time,



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