Alaina Updates

Hey, all.  I’m sorry I haven’t been giving personal updates concerning my ballroom progress lately.  Tap has been taking center-stage because it’s new and exciting.  Not to worry though.  Pretty soon, I’ll break into the learning curve, and it’ll stop taking up so much blog space.  Ballroom, after all, is my first love when it comes to dancing.  Now, to business.

First, I’ve rescheduled my normal Wednesday lesson with Nick because I need to see if this other Tap class that conflicts with my private lessons is actually a beginner’s class.  On the schedule, it reads Beginner, so I’m hoping for the best.  My lesson this week is on Friday, so the update will be either be on the day or on Saturday.  Second, and more exciting, is the Texas Area Team Match coming up on August 25th.  Unlike last year’s, we are not combining forces against San Antonio and Austin.  Rather, it’s every studio for themselves.  Quite exciting!  I couldn’t make the last one because of my stupid hiatus, so I’m fearing I might be a bit rusty this time.  But, if I am, it doesn’t matter.  Practice scrapes away the rust.  My Dad was benevolent enough to agree to five dances this time, which is absolutely perfect.  All the Bronze students are being piled together in one big category, and each rank has specific dances with it.  The Bronze II dances were Waltz, Tango, Salsa, and Cha-cha.  I had to add a fifth dance, and after some collaboration with DP, we decided on Bronze III Foxtrot.  Ulp! 😮

I can say with reasonable confidence that my Foxtrot is going quite well.  I feel more connected, sassy, and smooth.  But, does this mean I’m ready for Bronze III?  Nick seemed to think so, and I trust his judgement completely.  As for my dancing, not so much.  As far as I’m concerned, Bronze II is all about getting the technique, and I’m juggling several plates here when it comes to dancing.  I’m worried, but it’ll all work out.  Last lesson, DP and I spent the whole time working on Cha-cha technique.  Specifically, we were working on the underarm turn, and the conscious shift of weight from your left to right foot as you turn.  This makes it clean and sharp.  Tuesdays are when I drive to the studio, bring my iPod (which I wish had a clip of some kind…), a bottle of water, my shoes, and practice on my own.  I couldn’t do it during summer classes because that would just drive me crazy, so yesterday was the first time in five weeks.  I spent the majority of my time trying to perfect the turn he showed me.  I’ve getting the action down fine, but I’ve forgotten the timing.  Unfortunately, he had a double lesson with a student, so I couldn’t ask him last night.  I’ll try to remember to ask him tomorrow sometime.

In slightly sadder news, one of our teachers decided to go back to college full-time.  She was balancing her job at the studio and college before then.  She was really sweet, fun, and I always enjoyed dancing with her.  She also insisted that she be my Merengue partner each time we danced it during socials.  If she danced with someone else, I’d accuse her of “cheating” on me.  Sam, I wish you many blessings for whatever you do in the future.  I’ll miss you.

That’s all I have for now.  Hopefully, I can update again on Friday or Saturday.


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