Summer Classes Are Over! Whoop! (This Makes Me Smile! Part VI)

Hooray, my summer classes are finally over!  After five long weeks of studying and stress, I’m fancy free—for only eleven more days.  Yep, the fall semester starts in only eleven short days.  But, that’s completely okay because I amended myself for past mistakes.  Last spring, I was taking Biology II Lecture and Lab.  I was very close to failing, and I decided to drop before it appeared on my school record as “dropped-out”.  (Each semester gives students a good chunk of time to drop with what they call a “W”, which looks less negative on the school record.)  But, I shouldn’t have been doing as badly as I was doing because I am an A and B student, not C’s and D.  I wasn’t studying like I should, and I wouldn’t read the textbook.  Yeah, pretty stupid moves on my part.  Aside from my stupidity, balancing Honors classes and events with my life outside of school made it all the more difficult.  But, as soon as summer hit, I decided to take those two classes again.  With only two classes the overall pressure would be less, the material was still pretty fresh in my mind, I had almost completed the class anyway, and I didn’t want to be behind when the next school semester came around.  Plus, I had already taken a class the previous summer.  I still plan to take summer classes when the time comes.  Now, I’ve finished, and I know with absolute certainty that I’ve done better than if I had stayed in the class during the year.  So, it’s been worth it.

That actually reminds me of Stef’s most recent post on how she’s committed herself to serious exercise in order to shed some extra pounds.  Her incentive?  Dancing.  From reading her post about it, which you can read here, I have to say that the triumphs that make us feel the best about ourselves arise from nastiest falls.  We both had nasty falls, each in its own context, but we got back up, and tried earnestly to be better.  So, here’s to us, and to everyone who strives for betterment after falling flat on their face.


The floor is yours now.

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