Tap-Speak: New Tapper’s To-Do List/Reminders

Outside of Class

  • Wear socks whenever wearing Tap shoes for extra padding. Ankle socks are preferable
  • Make sure to practice whatever you learn at home.  Class is only once a week.
  • Make equally sure said practicing is done on a the practice floor Dad and you built recently.

The material you see peeking out from under the actual floor is padding. I’m not sure what exact material it is, but it was put on the back with carpet tape.

  • Things to practice specifically (for now) are toe-heel and heel-toe isolations.  (The concept itself isn’t difficult because there are such isolations in ballroom.  But, they must still be practiced in the context of Tap to be integrated into muscle memory.)
  • Make sure to dress light as the studio is very stuffy.  A bottle of water is essential.
  • If you happen to be feeling down, watch this video to raise your spirits with contagious laughter, and as a visual reminder to “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again”.  (I feel really sorry for the girl in this clip.  That must have hurt.)

During Monday’s Beginner/Intermediate Class

  • Try to stretch at least a little bit before class.  It may not be like ballet, but stretching is crucial.
  • After stretching, try to practice what you know in front of the mirror.  There are no mirrors at home, and you need to look at your feet.
  • Stay somewhere within the teacher’s line of sight so she can help/correct whenever possible.  That means not wimping out and heading to the back line.  The middle is fine.
  • Unless told otherwise, keep posture nice and straight while tapping.  It’s not aesthetically pleasing when the dancer looks like his/her spine is made of jello.

Other Miscellaneous Things

  • Try to make social conversation when the time is appropriate.  Having friends that Tap is probably is probably awesome.
  • Lose yourself in the music, and your best dancing comes out…
  • …But don’t lose yourself to the extent where you lose the teacher’s explanations
  • (It’d be easier to lose myself in the music if they were show tunes, and to remixes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, etc.)

The floor is yours now.

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