Tap-Speak: Origins

For the curious, the title for these new entries was inspired by this video which I’ve actually referred to before in my blog. It’s one of my favorites.


Well, it’s official.  I’m taking tap classes in order to be a tapper.  Nothing professional, mind you.  Rather, it’s for my own pleasure.  The same goes for ballet.

I had my first class Monday at 6:00 pm.  It was a combined Beginner/Intermediate class, so it was quite vigorous.  I was sweating bullets by the time it was done.  The fact that there was a distinct lack of air conditioning in the building could have added to this.  For shoes, I had no tap shoes then, so I wore my old character shoes.  The exercises actually weren’t too bad in terms of difficulty.  I got some and flopped some, which is just what I expected.

The class itself is an teen/adult class, so there were a variety of ages there.  One lady was clearly middle-aged, and looked to be in her late forties.  Another gentleman had graying hair, probably in his forties as well.  Most of the class looked to be about my age though.

But, that’s not really why I’m here.  I’m here to integrate the genre of Tap into my dancing blog.  At first, I thought I might make it a journal.  Nah.  I’ve never been good about keeping journals, and I find them monotonously repetitive, especially since I don’t know the name of the exercises/steps we’re doing.  So, until further notice, I will refrain from posting episodic content concerning Tap.  I’ll write if anything notable happens, but other than that, no.  As for why I wanted to start tapping, please refer to my 100th post.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Alaina (a.k.a New-Tapper)


The floor is yours now.

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