Say What? Part VI

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, friends?  I told you that this series will not be consistent, and unfortunately, it will have to stay that way.  You never know when humor is going to pop up.  Even if it does, I want to select carefully to make sure it’s clean, and personally funny to me.  I’m sorry, but I’m an all-around perfectionist.

Stay Away from my Armpits! (in Two Parts)

Part I

My studio family is a lot like a real family.  You love them to death, but they annoy the living heck out of you, and you just want to give them a good playful smack now and then.  Well, both my studio two “brothers”, Nick and another male teacher, seem to have a fixation with poking me under the armpit (suddenly thinking about last post).  I’m not ticklish there, but I suppose it all depends on where you poke…

I was in a Saturday afternoon Swing class.  It was Bronze and there were only four of us altogether, excluding the instructor.  She happened to grab me to demonstrate, and I was standing there in hold when my other “brother” pokes me on that bit of flesh just below the armpit.  I am ticklish there, and I jolt in surprise all while letting out an oh-so-attractive squeal.  After group class ended, I had a nice talk with my “brother”

Me: (in annoying, exasperated voice) Why you do that?!  Why you do that?! *poking him under his armpit*  (Voice returns to normal) Seriously, why did you do that?!

“Bro”: Because everyone hates it.

Me: Really…

“Bro”: Yeah.

Me: You really are like the big brother I never wanted but got anyway.

“Bro”: (laughing) Right?!

Part II

Nick and I were practicing Rumba.  It was a Cuban Motion group class, and it was just the two of us.  I was trying to understand a new step where we start Cuban walks, but suddenly change direction.  It was difficult because I suddenly had to change weight, and I didn’t know what to do with my arms.  Some instruction later, I had one arm extended and one arm on my hip.  We were about to walk when DP pokes me directly in the armpit.  Luckily, I’m not ticklish there, so I just got “mad” at him.  Turns out, one of his old instructors used to do that to him…

I’m Boring?!

While scientists don’ exactly know why we yawn, they do know that lack of oxygen can induce yawning.  I have a nasty habit of yawning during group class, and the teacher’s love to tease me by asking me if they’re boring me.  I yawned during a private lesson with Nick.  He happened started teasing me about how he was boring to me, and I had to explain to him that I was sincerely not bored but merely oxygen-deprived.  He told me that he yawned a lot when he was learning, too, and was actually holding his breath while doing the steps.  Then, he started to yawn:

Nick: (while yawning) Hooo!  Now you’re making me yawn!  (Normal voice) It must be because you’re boring.

Me:  😮

Nick: *giggles while pulling me into a ‘I’m sorry’ hug.

Put Me Down!

I told you the story of how Nick wanted to do a lift after he saw me extend my leg while stretching it in my last post.  What I didn’t tell you was how he called my other “brother” over to look at our lift.  He wore of a look of surprised happiness on his face.  Oh brother…


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