Individual Dance Culture: What’s Goin’ on Down South

I might as well come out with it.  Yes, I am from Texas, and yes, I am proud of it.  [insert Texan joke here]  One of the things I love about Texas has to be the dance culture, and it has a very rich one.  It was my crush’s ability to Salsa that motivated me to dance in the first place.

It recently occurred to me that I haven’t written that much on the “dance culture” or “dance friendliness” of Texas.  Like any location, the history plays a large role in the city’s dance friendliness.  We’ve had six flags claim their banners over us.  The flags are Spain, France, Mexico, the Confederacy, the Republic of Texas (Texas was its own country within the region of the US at one point, much like the Vatican is its own sovereign state in Italy.), and finally the United States.  Our most prominent culture in Texas is Hispanic.  We get the rodeo and its cowboys from Mexico.  Our delicious food is a blend called Tex-Mex, while real Mexican food is derived from the Aztec and Mayan cultures.  So, no, a large bean burrito with chicken and cheese is not considered true Mexican food.

Ahem, enough about food.  This is a dancing blog.  Our state culture makes these particular dances quite popular: Salsa, Two-step, and Polka.  The first two are particularly in demand, and most new couples that come to the studio want to learn Salsa and Two-step because there are plenty of clubs and bars that feature these two dances.  Polka is Polish, but it fits right in with what you might call the “cowboy culture” of Texas.  In the competitions I’ve been in, Salsa and Two-step are considered specialty dances because they are so regional.  The competitive dance most similar to Salsa, at least, is Mambo.  The figures are very similar, and the only difference that I currently know of is the timing  (Salsa counts on the one, but Mambo counts on the two.).  As a dancing city, I’m afraid I don’t have much knowledge aside from the obvious bars and clubs.  I will say, however, that Texas itself seems to be quite active when it comes to ballroom competition.  We have yearly DanceSport Jams and showcases.  Team matches are held about every four months against other studios.  Not bad at all in my opinion.  So, what about your home?  Is it pretty dance friendly?


P.S. 99th!  99th!  99th!  Just one more, folks!  I really want to make this one special, so ideas are much needed. Please! 😀


2 thoughts on “Individual Dance Culture: What’s Goin’ on Down South

    • Howdy! 😉 Glad to know there are other Texans looking at my blog. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a high-level dancer yet, so I only know a little bit about the dance culture down here. Hopefully, I’ll get to attend more events soon.

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