The Unfamiliar, Yet Familiar Playlist: I Think I’ve Heard This Before…

It’s that time again.  Yep, study time.  If the picture seems familiar to you, it’s because I used it in a similar post about my love of classical music whilst studying.  But, while classical music is the prime candidate for serious study, I have many other songs that I listen to when the stress kicks in.  Life sure is full of discoveries, and I’ve discovered songs that have lain within the recesses of my brain buried by the daily grind.  These songs have the vaguest hint of familiarity, yet you can’t really place who wrote it, where it first premiered, or even the title.  My current old movie spree, among other “oldie” activities, has helped me find the sources, or the artists with which these songs have been irrevocably identified with.

This first ditty is from my early childhood.  I’d finish a storyline computer game on my clunky old computer, and the credits would roll.  The background music was addictive and perfectly suited the funny little animations that would play during the credits.  For some, they might think of ice cream, oddly enough.  For me, this song remains one of the select few that make me want to learn piano.  Others come from composers that were way before my time.  Some songs I knew all too well, perhaps to the point of annoyance, but I only recently discovered their source.  This is a Christmas song, which I heard ad infinitum during the wintry season.  As Christmas music can get painfully repetitive, I thought nothing of it.  That is, until I discovered my love of anything before my birth.  Later, I saw the famous movie of that shares its name.  I recently saw another movie where this song made its premiere, before it rose to fame.  Every time I hear this song, I think of the three years I lived in Colorado, playing in the snow.

Of course, there are always those songs that you heard in another venue that you can’t help but think of when you hear it.  I saw the Broadway play Young Frankenstein (Haven’t seen the movie yet.) a couple of years ago.  If you’ve seen it, then you probably know what song I’m hinting at.  After finding my second of two dancing heroes, I come to find this number has become indelibly associated with him.  Here’s a classy song sung by an even classier gentleman.  After further research, I found out that this song was actually inspired by a swanky hotel, and the original lyrics talked sung of wealthy Harlemites.  Quite interesting.  It’s just a shame I always think of Frankenstein’s monster in tap shoes when I hear this one. 😉

Then, there are songs I’ve heard in passing, or as part of a medley.  These three songs particularly come to mind.  I used to watch “The Dean Martin Variety Show” on YouTube.  I the beginning lines to this bittersweet song during a medley featuring Dean Martin, Lena Horne, and Bing Crosby.  I began watching black and white movies this summer, and heard this wonderful song in its entirety.  I was even happier when I found out that this song appeared again in this famous duo’s last movie together.  Which version do you prefer?  Those two premiered more songs than I thought.  I heard this next song during my high school’s state choir competition when one of our competitor’s show choir sang it.  It’s a shame I hadn’t heard this song before. Rollerskating, anyone?  My high school’s show choir sang this next one during a medley.  I became addicted to it. Man, I wish a guy could sing this song to me!  That’s enough of that.  I don’t want to scare anyone off with my avid love of this duo and their movies.

The most common songs I’ve heard have to be the ones where I only knew the chorus, or part of the chorus.  I used to sing this one with my classmates in middle school.  Unfortunately, I only knew the first line of the chorus.  Then, I saw the movie during my sophomore year of high school. Rainy days sure aren’t stopping this cool cat!  Oh yes, I only knew the chorus of this diction exercise/song, too.

There are numerous songs I’ve heard just in passing.  Whether they’ve been shown in movies, heard in a store whilst shopping, etc.  Either way, I’m glad I found them, and will continue to avidly search for me.  I’d like to leave you with a song that has been really stuck in my head recently. Enjoy. (My apologies. I couldn’t help myself.)


The floor is yours now.

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